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Last updated: Jan 07, 2019

Adaptive Insights Competitors

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Adaptive Planning is a cloud based application developed to facilitate operations such as budgeting, reporting, forecasting, performance indicator analysis, cost accounting and consolidation. It was designed by


Adaptive Insights Competitors and Alternatives

The two main competitors for Adaptive Insights are SAP BI and Targit.

SAP BI is focused on providing collaborative performance intelligence by providing data analytic tools which can be shared using its SAP JAM platform. The product supports workflows which can be easily configured to monitor performance KPIs, as well as access data dynamically from multiple sources to provide real-time information insights. Additionally it also supports integration with third party software for performance reporting, and includes performance dashboards with customizable visual reporting to aid in decision making.

In comparison Adaptive Insights looks to combine business intelligence and performance management in one suite of products. Its features include forecasting, planning and consolidation together with data discovery, integration of multiple data sources and visual reporting to provide one view of the entire corporation’s performance status. In addition reporting is based on benchmark and KPI analysis with proactive alerting to avoid performance issues.

Targit on the other hand is also focused on performance analytics but includes a free product trial as well. Its stand out feature is its performance story board which displays visually the history and status of performance objectives. Targit uses this to drive performance targets by ensuring employees are aware in real-time of achievements at different organizational levels.

While Adapative Insights does not support this concept, it does include scorecards which can be used to rate performance on individual, department and corporate levels so that users can use self discovery to track performance achievement.

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