#1 POS/Retail Software for Small Business

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Point of Sale (POS) is like a modern cash register, which keeps a track of all retail transactions and cash flow. Designed with features of traditional checkout machines, the all-in-one solution comes with integrated accounting modules, which include inventory control, accounts payable & receivable, and general ledger.

Business owners can leverage the POS solution to meet sales goals and maximize inventories. With an influx of solutions on the market, you must be wondering: which is the #1POS system to opt for?

The right POS system is easy to use and designed to help you

  • Assess your inventory thoroughly
  • Find a balance among time, speed, functionalities, and features
  • Modify features and customize as you grow

Here’s a list of the top solutions for small businesses.

  1. Vivonet POS

The POS is specially designed for your restaurant business. An ideal point of sale software solution for small and medium businesses, Vivonet can effectively manage accounting and functional aspects of your business while streamlining the workflow.

The POS comes complete with such capabilities as mobile POS, credit card processing, barcode scanning, and transaction and customer history. Users can avail the facility of online payment and shopping and report customization on Vivonet.

It is compatible with both Mac and Windows OS-based systems.

  1. LightSpeed

The point of sale solution is designed for the retail management of small-and medium-sized businesses. LightSpeed is compatible with desktop and tablets and works in Mac-based and cloud-based format. It is the perfect POS for ecommerce, apparel, sports, and fashion industry.

Some of the key features include customizable payments, customer history and order tracking, credit card swipe device encryption, inventory management, employee accountability, and touchscreen support. The all-in-one solution has all the features for effective retail management and can be integrated with QuickBooks and MYOB.

  1. Lightning Online

The point of sale and retail solution comes with an array of capabilities, including retail accounting, barcode scanning, refund management, ecommerce, commission management, employee management, credit card processing, inventory management, sales and discount scheduling, employee performance tracking, inventory tracking, and reporting.

The web-based POS solution supports integration with ecommerce web stores. Lightning Online comes with inventory management capabilities to help users ensure correct stock allocation for order fulfillment. It can be integrated with third-party apps for customer management. The solution enables retailers to sync inventory across all locations, process transactions, and manage customers.

  1. SwiftPOS Retail

The point of sale software is perfect for businesses of all sizes, be it single stores or multi-national chains. SwiftPOS Retail is designed with an array of capabilities, including customized reporting, employee management, and retail accounting. The fully featured enterprise class POS is popular for its simplicity, ease of use, implementation, and deployment, and incredible functionality.

The feature-rich product comes with customized pricing rules and matrices, diverse payment processing, and secure cash handling capabilities. Barcode and label management feature enables swift and error-free labeling.

Some other key features of the POS include delivery management for timely order processing, customized reporting, and CCTV interface integration to prevent fraud and theft. It can handle multi-level pricing requirements.

  1. MMS Retail Management Software

With a full-suite of services, MMS Retail Management Software is designed to meet all of your retail business needs, from inventory management to POS. Easy to customize and configure, the feature-rich POS solution comes with an array of capabilities, including credit card processing, refund and returns management, barcode scanning, discount management, customer history, inventory management, mobile POS, and sales management.

With an uncompromising focus on customers, the retail software features customer management capabilities to help retail stores offer the best customer service. It keeps track of customer history and database, including purchase history, correspondence, and spending.

Customers are eligible for loyalty rewards programs. Employee performance tracking, commission management, catalog management, and employee information are the key features of employee management services.

Bottom Line

Whether you are a single store or a multi-level retail outlet, you want to get your hands on the #1POS solution for your business. Choose a retail software solution designed to meet the unique capabilities of your business. Come in touch with ITQlick experts to find out the best point of sale solution for your specific needs.

We have hands-on experience, industry knowledge, and extensive database to make choice of a reliable POS solution easier for you. We understand your unique business and industry requirements and can guide you through the software selection process so you get your hands on the #1 retail solution that helps you improve, grow, and succeed.