10 Cheap Marketing Automation Tools


Marketing Automation is a software or service that provides automated processes that are used in marketing, usually with online or digital marketing. Marketing Automation tools are also usually offered to business and companies that have an established marketing campaign system that they want to upgrade or improve on it. Most marketing automation software solutions are capable of taking care of most marketing processes and functions, which is why most of these software solutions are so expensive. But let’s take a look at 10 of the most affordable Marketing Automation Tools in the market today:


Leadsius is a Swedish company that offers marketing automation tools for small to medium-sized companies. Entry point o their product is free but their package plan goes up to $1,195 per month. Among their best features includes a website visitor tracking feature and web analytics.

Sales Autopilot

Sales Autopilot is another marketing automation software solution with $0 entry point. But this software offers several marketing features that can be relatively expensive, including a built-in customer relationship management feature or CRM.


Azuqua is a hybrid system that offers both sales and marketing automation tools. In some cases this can be a negative because it switches the attention, but in other cases, such as this, marketers get an all-in-one application. The software starts at an entry price of $0 and scales up to $250 per month.


The Spokal software offers a $19 per month entry point, but that version only provides support for Twitter social media marketing. They also offer $39 per month for additional marketing automation tools and $79 per month for the full product.


JumpLead offers marketing automation tools in the perspective of web visitor profiling, along with a features that could identify visitors by their IP addresses. The software is available at $40 per month, with a package plant that scales up to $480 per month.


Nurture is another all-in-one marketing automation system that features landing page creation, email marketing, contact management, and web analytics. The software has a starting entry price of $95 per month, but scales all the way to $3,000 per month.


Infusionsoft is possibly the most well known and most successful marketing automation systems. Even with its relatively affordable price, the software still features an all in one platform that has of ecommerce, CRM, and social media marketing. The software is available at $199 and scales to $379 per month.


Genoo is one of the few marketing software solutions that combine email marketing and marketing automation tools. The software is available at entry price of $199 and scales up to $1,499 per month. There are also emails features available at an extra cost.


Ontraport is an all-in-one marketing and business automation platform that helps marketers systemize and scale their small and mid-sized businesses. Its features includes CRM, customer interactions, score lead scoring and more.  The software is available from  $297 per month to $597 per month.


Act-On provides a cloud-based integrated marketing automation platform that allows marketing teams with inbound and outbound marketing automation. Its marketing automation tools include email creation, social media campaign creation, website visitor tracking, and more. The software price ranges from $600 per month to $8,750 per month.