10 Innovative Business Phone Systems for Small Business


Business phone systems are designed to handle multiple calls and stay connected with business contacts. In fact, phone systems make one of the most essential communication hardware for your business that promises to manage communications, keep everyone connected, and make your business more productive and efficient.

1. ShoreTel Sky software

The cloud-based communication system, ShoreTel Sky is a reliable and easy to set up small business phone system focused around a hosted voice service. Since ShoreTel can manage and configure everything, users can benefit from increased call quality, scalability, and accessibility from anywhere around the globe. With an intuitive interface, ShoreTel features shortcuts that take you where you need to go quickly.

When the Internet goes down, so does the ShoreTel phone service, which means customers are not able to connect. However, this happens once in a blue moon.

2. Five9

Five9 is an all-inclusive telecommunications system that enables you to manage outbound, inbound, and multi-channel contacts.  The software has everything you need to get you up and running quickly with integrated workforce optimization capabilities, including multi-channel ACD, IVR with speech recognition, CRM integrations, and predictive dialer.  The automated dialing system is a big driver to the system.

Startups may find it a little difficult to access some of the CRM information initially, but the software’s robust reporting system comes to your rescue quickly.

3. NexTiva

A fast and efficient small business phone system, NexTiva is the proud winner of the “Product of the year” award.  The system offers enterprise-level telephony features at competitive prices, with cutting-edge functionality eliminating the need for a traditional communication system. The intuitive product offers the best value for money, with a quick and easy setup process and reliable customer service.

No doubt, the system is designed to help make businesses work smarter, the interface may be difficult to understand initially.

4. RingCentral

An all-inclusive cloud-based business phone system, RingCentral is the first choice for many small businesses for its advanced functionalities that facilitate efficient communication for voice, fax and text. It fully integrates mobile devices and is packed with core features that make communication across channels seamless, allowing enterprises to communicate as they want.

For a small business, it may be a little too expensive telecommunication system to invest in. However, the array of features and value offered by RingCentral certainly set it apart from the competition.

5. SafeSoft

This is an integrated cloud-based call center solution that offers impressive features for a business looking to increase user efficiency and call volumes and optimize the performance of their sales teams. SalesSoft is a remarkably flexible, scalable, and efficient and features capabilities to support businesses of all sizes, with the predictive dialer being the key feature that helps ensure maximum call volume.

The dashboard may be a little less intuitive for those new to the system. However, with practice, SaleSoft interface is a breeze to use and communicate.

6. VirtualPBX

A perfect small business phone system, VirtualPBX is easy to install and configure. Easy to customize, this telecommunication solution allows remote access to phone systems even in emergency situations. It includes a full suite of call center applications and is fully compatible to run on Windows 7 & 8, Web browser, and Mac OS.

Initially, some users find the interface a little too technical to operate, but it is definitely workable.

7. ServicePattern

A fully cloud-based telephony system, ServicePattern collaborates customer engagements across channels. The scalable and highly reliable system features call routing functionality to help your staff quickly address customer needs across multiple channels.

List management can be made a little more robust to add to the user experience.

8. Vonage

Featuring a full suite of advanced capabilities, Vonage offers best-in-class support, enabling users to include more robust functionality. Since the phone can be plugged anywhere, it makes a perfect option for employees who telecommunicate. Desktop plug-ins allow easy customization, making it simple for users to enhance the system.

Initially, users may find the business model a little too difficult to understand, but it works perfect for the most part.

9. CorvisaOne

The cloud-based telecommunication solution, CorvisaOne comes with easy to use features for customers to seamlessly manage inbound and outbound contact center. Some of its advanced functionalities include advanced ACD call routing, inbound IVR call menus, and queue management, ensuring customers are quickly routed to the best agent.

Some features that should come standard with the product are charged. However, this doesn’t make the product any less competitive, since the best thing about the system is that it’s efficient, reliable, and quick.

10. Fonality

The small business phone system features a comprehensive suite of applications that are scalable and promise to grow with your business. Fonality offers robust functionality with top-of-the-breed features, including automatic call distribution and recording, Internet fax, conference calling, computer telephony integration, CRM integration, auto attendants, call recording, mobile solutions, and CRM integration.

The system lacks redundancy for PRI, which means users must have a local FX card for backup.

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