10 Most Affordable CRM Solutions for 2018


Customer relationship management (CRM) is the process and tool to manage customer interactions throughout the organization, with a bigger aim to improve customer relationship. Also known as contact management software, CRM consolidates all customer data, including interactions, into one repository to help organizations better organize and manage relationships with customers. As your business moves into the next year, you want affordable CRM solutions that can help reach your goals.

Here are some of the most cost-effective 2018 CRM solutions:

1. Zoho CRM

The cloud-based CRM application starts at $10 per month per user. Zoho CRM is an ideal contact management software solution for small and medium enterprises. The intuitive application features customer support, help desk, marketing automation, and reporting & customer analytics capabilities.

Easy to integrate with existing applications, Zoho offers additional add-on features for collaboration, without requiring any hardware installation.

2. Pipedrive

The visually designed CRM application is available at $12 per month per user. Ideally suited for small businesses, Pipedrive is a simple-to-use application that enables users to manage leads, set teams and measure results in real time. With its user-friendly interface, the customer relationship management solution can be easily integrated with Google apps, calendar, and contacts.

3. Freshdesk

The feature-rich cloud-based customer support solution, Freshdesk comes with the basic package starting from $15 per month/user. It is an easy-to-use software solution that is available in the cloud and does not require users to maintain a server. The highly customizable software enables you to store and track customer information at an affordable price, thus helping you maintain a healthy relationship with clients.

4. Zendesk

Starting at $29 per user per month, Zendesk is a software-as-a-service suite that enables quick and efficient interactions with customers through different communication channels, including email, chat, or social media.

An easy-to-use CRM tool, it does not require heavy training to understand the system. Additionally the software can be seamlessly integrated with different third-party apps, including Open API, Google apps, and Google Analytics, among others.

5. Act! Premium

Available at $35 per user per month, Act! Premium is a highly affordable CRM solution with an array of features that enable you to keep track of customer interactions and details and organize contacts, customer history, and activity details in a single centralized location.

The intuitive interface comes complete with built-in features that allow users to manage pending opportunities and lead data. Act! Premium is fully accessible on different mobile platforms, including Android and Apple devices, so you can get access to all customer details while on the go.

6. Nimble

The social CRM software starts at $15 per month/user. As a simple-yet-functional CRM, Nimble facilitates the task of tracking leads and sales deals. The application makes it easier for organizations to monitor and track social interactions, while facilitating internal communications.  It comes fully integrated with social networks, which means users can leverage social feed for increasing with contacts.

7. SpiceWorks

Spiceworks is available for free. The application plans start at $7 per person/month. A powerful, feature-rich CRM solution, SpiceWorks is designed to help users simplify daily tasks, manage user tickets, run a held desk, organize your work, manage onsite-offsite services, and assign tasks to help desk team. One of the most affordable CRM solutions, SpiceWorks is intuitive and easily customizable that enables you to stay neatly organized.

8. Base CRM

Boost your sales team productivity with this easily affordable CRM application, available at $15 per user/month. The tool is designed as a sales and CRM application to help users manage their interactions with customers and work with leads. BaseCRM comes with lead tracking, sales & customer management, and reports & analytics capabilities.

9. FollowUp Power

The feature-rich FollowUp Power offers the best value for your money, priced at $35/user/month. The intuitive CRM platform features client/lead tracking, contract management, and quote management capabilities for industries of all sizes.

With comprehensive customer relationship management capabilities, the application is designed to bring all user data to one place, making it easier to manage and organize customer information.

10. SalesNow

Available at an affordable price of $19.95/month/user, SalesNow is a web-based contact management solution, with lead distribution, segmentation & management, contact management, sales forecasting, and analytics capabilities. The application is compatible with Android, BlackBerry, iPhone, and iPad.

Wondering which of these affordable CRM solutions would be the best fit for your specific organizational needs? Contact ITQlick software experts today and find the solution that matches your company requirements and is designed with the best features to boost your business growth.