10 Most Affordable Project Management Solutions for 2018

Basecamp Top 5 Competitors
Basecamp Top 5 Competitors

Managing projects is becoming cotmplex these days. Due to this complexity, project managemen solutions have come up. These products are designed to track the development and progress of projects, from conception to completion to implementation. These products allow users to manage every aspect of the project, which may continue for weeks, months, or years. With a reliable project management solution, managers get a single point of access to the relevant information.

Here is a list of some of the most affordable project management software solutions for 2018:

1. Clarizen

Priced at $25/user/month, the fully customizable web-based project management software offers the best value for your money, with its pure SaaS-based project execution platform providing a centralized environment to effortlessly manage projects, resources, and budgets. With an intuitive user interface, Clarizen provides excellent project planning, reporting, and resource management capabilities to better manage people and projects. This is an ideal solution for managers looking for social collaboration and helps boost productivity and profitability.

2. Dovico

Starting at $12/month/user, Dovico is a powerful project tracking and time management solution that helps in the seamless monitoring of tasks, projects, and time sheets. The user-friendly software comes with billing & invoicing, task reporting, automatic time capture, offline/online timesheets, time management, email notifications, employee database, and multiple project support capabilities. Dovico makes it easier for users to customize reports, check the availability of resources before starting a project, create and manage projects, track profitability, and report on project progress.

3. TimeFox

Priced at $20/month/user, TimeFox is designed as an affordable project management software solution with web-based time tracking, scheduling features. With the easy-to-use software that doesn’t require downloading, users are able to organize their tasks & billing process, track business activities, and obtain control over projects. A flexible and cost-effective alternative to other project management products on the market, TimeFox can help businesses optimize their efficiency and productivity.

4. LiquidPlanner

Priced at $29/user/month, LiquidPlanner features time tracking, team planning, budgeting, project scheduling, reporting, project analysis, resource management, document sharing, and collaboration capabilities. A cheap project management software product for mid-sized and large enterprises, LiquidPlanner is easy to integrate with key third-party applications.

5. JobNimbus

Available in two main versions – free basic edition and pro version at $25/user – JobNimbus combines project management and CRM. The user-friendly application features task scheduling, project, contact and service management, billing & invoicing, workflow automation, and document sharing capabilities. JobNimbus brings all these features into a single solution to simplify time-consuming tasks. The tool can be used to manage both projects & customers.

6. DocMinder

Available both as an on-premise and web-based application, DocMinder is one of the most affordable 2018 project management software solutions on the market. It is designed as a complete solution to manage & track projects. The user-friendly interface makes it an easy-to-navigate solution, which features time tracking, automation, task management, and document management capabilities, helping streamline workflow and improve productivity.

7. ProjectManager

Starting with $15/user/month, ProjectManager comes with an array of project management features, including time tracking, budgeting, document & task management, and reporting. The intuitive application is easy to integrate with MS Word, Excel, Project, and Google Docs, which facilitates the process of task assigning. The web-based solution comes with a resource management functionality to facilitate monitoring of the progress of specific tasks and reallocation of resources.

8. WorkZone

An extremely powerful project management solution, WorkZone combines an intuitive interface with its sophisticated features. The application comes with a full suite of integrated applications, including project collaboration, document & project management, time tracking, and customizable reporting.

Its automated e-mail reporting feature is designed to keep everyone updated on the status of a project. Cross-project summaries are available for managers to get an organization-wide visibility over projects. WorkZone pricing model is subscription based, with a reduction in price as the number of users increases.

9. Bolste

With an array of collaborative tools, Bolste is an intuitive, cheap project management software solution that is accessible on any connected device. The cloud-based application facilitates workforce collaboration, helping employees work together despite location distance. Available at $10 per user/month, it features an open API that allows integration with other solutions.

10. TrackerSuite

Featuring resource management, budgeting & forecasting, scheduling, and email integration capabilities, the cloud-based project management solution is designed for businesses of all sizes. The software is designed with project templates and Gantt charts, making it easier to plan, coordinate, manage, and track specific tasks. Some other capabilities that make TrackerSuite an affordable project management software product include scheduling, and risk & benefit analysis, support for multiple projects, and easy allocation of projects based on skills.

Looking for the best and most affordable project management solution for your business? Let the ITQlick experts make the task easier for you with our software recommendations so you can focus on your core competencies and boost business productivity.