2017 Best FREE CRM Software


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Customer is critical to the success of any organization. Customer relationship management (CRM) is the process to manage customer interactions throughout their lifecycle. A CRM software solution comes in handy to automate these processes.

Each CRM system varies from the other in terms of pricing, capabilities, and technology. This includes sophisticated enterprise suites, basic contact management, and platforms that promote customer relationships.

The best CRM solution keeps all customer information handy at one place, efficiently organizes it, so users can take immediate action. You can leverage CRM data to woo back inactive customers. The key is to select the right software for your business. Here are the 2017 best free CRM software:

  1. Salesforce

The premium CRM solution on the market, Salesforce comes with a 30-day free trial, promising smooth workflow processes. With tons of advanced features, including streamlined sales pipeline, user-friendly interface, drag-and-drop dashboard, and data analysis capabilities, Salesforce is a highly customizable CRM solution that supports robust third-party apps, tracking, and monitoring of sales in real time.

The cloud-based CRM is designed to streamline day to day business activities and smoothly accomplish goals and objectives. The versatile CRM solution features several capabilities that enable you to efficiently market your brand and follow up on any leads.

Cons: The cloud-based interface is not accessible offline.

  1. Insightly

One of the best free CRM software tools, Insightly is designed to help small businesses efficiently deal with important task of managing contacts, leads, vendors, partners, and suppliers. The tool gives you a clear picture of all details about a lead, including background, communication details, important dates, or opportunities they have participated in.

Insightly is the right tool to collect, organize, and streamline data collected from customers. Track opportunities and efficiently manage your marketing campaigns. It is easy to integrate with Google Apps and Office 365, besides several business productivity tools. The free product trial comes with a free starter package with limited features.

Cons: The application performs slowly at times.

  1. Zoho

Bring all your conversations at one place with Zoho CRM that gives you the information you need to optimize your business performance, simplify processes from the word go, and engage audience better, so you can make the most of your interactions.

Available for a 30-day free trial, Zoho is the complete program for automating and managing your customer relationship processes, including email marketing, lead management, inventory management, and customer support, thus saving you time and effort, so you can focus on core business. Designed with an array of tools, Zoho CRM helps you capture and follow-up leads, forecast, and track sales activities.

Cons: Help Desk integration is not available with the free version.

  1. HubSpotCRM

One of the most adaptable CRM platforms available, HubSpotCRM is highly customizable. The CRM solution comes with a range of deployment options and makes it easy for users to stay organized. It is designed to adapt to your needs.

With HubSpot, you can efficiently manage your pipeline with complete visibility, getting real-time view of your sales funnel. Automate tracking of customer interactions across platforms, including phone, email, and social media. The full suite of sales productivity tools syncs with Gmail or Outlook, capturing every activity as it happens and making every part of selling easier.

Cons: HubSpot CRM needs more integrations with third party apps.

  1. Bitrix CRM

The fully functional CRM tool can be used in the cloud and in house. The best free CRM software is easy to customize and integrate with other tools. Bitrix CRM comes with built-in analytics tools, which enable you to track conversion rates for each stage and improve upon them. Users can get real-time account of all transactions in progress, helping you make accurate sales projections.

The contact base is the storehouse of history of contacts, including interactions, which is automated to update all new activities, such as emails, messages, and phone calls. Users can leverage tools to get an accurate segmentation of the target audience based on groups.

The customer relationship management tool can be used to analyze the effectiveness of campaigns and create customized reports.

Cons: Users may find the contact management software to manage deals and sales funnel complex.

A CRM is the best tool to manage and track business interactions, consolidate customer information, organize and manage customer relationships, automate common processes and workflow, and monitor performance and productivity.

When looking for a contact management solution, you should always analyze your business requirements. If finding the best free CRM software is a challenge for you, let ITQlick experts offer you the right solution. Our decades of experience in the IT industry and knowledge of the functioning of software help us analyze, assess, and recommend the best solution for clients. Leverage our knowledge and experience to get your hands on the right CRM and streamline business processes.

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