2017 Best Supply Chain Software


Supply chain management is the key to meeting customer demand efficiently and cost effectively. In simple words, it is the strategic movement of products from the factory or manufacturing unit to warehouse, store, and end consumer. The software has extensive applications in the automotive, logistics, retail, manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, grocery, and healthcare industries. Warehouse management, procurement, inventory optimization, supplier management, order fulfillment, and demand forecasting are some of the features of supply chain software tools.

  1. Lenoir WMS

A fully integrated supply chain management solution, Lenoir WMS is designed to help businesses manage every facet of their supply chain, from warehousing to inventory management, pick, pack, and delivery management, order replenishment and fulfillment. The web-based solution offers access to warehousing operations in real time, besides accessibility to operational systems, order tracking, anywhere reporting, hardware, data centers, and system monitoring. The easy-to-deploy solution helps run on-demand data extraction.

Cons: Though it is an easy-to-use interface, some features can’t be adapted without support.

  1. TECSYS Distribution Management

One of the best distribution management solutions to manage complex high-volume distribution, TECSYS is your go-to tool to know the status of customer orders, profit margins, supplier service levels, and customer satisfaction. The user-friendly tool is designed with order management, demand planning & forecasting, inventory management, procurement management, financial management, product performance tracking, and order fulfillment capabilities. If you are looking for a tool to reduce inventory costs and achieve higher service levels, TECSYS can come in handy for accurate visibility of inventory.

Cons: While it is a flexible solution to run business with one platform, it requires a lot of upkeep and maintenance.

  1. Da Vinci

A comprehensive supply chain management solution, Da Vinci is designed to improve efficiency, productivity, and profitability for the logistics industry. It comes complete with yard management, order management, warehouse & inventory management, barcode integration, labor management, UPS integration, third-party billing, and transportation management capabilities. The easy-to-use single, intuitive suite is fully integrated with core modules, helping deal with common and complex supply chain challenges.

Cons: The addition of short cuts may help improve control system.

  1. Real Time Freight TMS

Looking for a supply chain software tool to simplify the entire transportation management process, streamline reporting and back office, and automate logistics. The solution features procurement, shipment and delivery management, transportation management, and analytics capabilities, offering visibility into supply chain operations in real time. Designed as a solution to help enterprises streamline business operations, Real Time Freight is a cloud-based application that fosters transparency and facilitates collaboration, eliminating information silos and providing a closed centralized customer network. It can be deployed in retail, wholesale, manufacturing, transportation, delivery, and automation services, quickly providing real-time load-related details. The application is easy to integrate with existing legacy systems.

Cons: Editing documents is a bit of a challenge in the interface and may require customer service support.

  1. FinancialForce

An award-winning supply chain management solution, FinancialForce is easier to customize, use, and navigate. Manage multiple fulfillment models with a one-stop solution, so your teams do not have to waste time managing data needs of the organization. With this all-in-one tool designed for all B2B, B2C businesses, your data is just a click away. View real-time customer and product data from a single platform and seamlessly manage your entire supply chain, helping boost efficiency in procurement, management, and order fulfillment. Get a complete picture of supply chain lifecycle anywhere, anytime and have complete control across each aspect of the entire process.  A complete supply chain software tool for medium and small businesses, FinancialForce comes with inventory & warehouse management, order processing, supplier management, contract management, and automation capabilities.

Cons: When you get a hang of the system, using the platform is a seamless process, though there may be initial hiccups.

Bottom Line

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