2018 Best Contact Management Software


Managing your pile of contacts can be a big hassle. But if you have the right contact management software, you can enjoy peace of mind that your contacts are organized and managed well, without you having to pay special attention to it.  Managing contacts effectively is a mission critical task, and the best contact management tool can come to your rescue and store all contact information of customers. Here is a list of the top contact management systems that are a smarter, more organized way to manage your ever-growing contact list.

1. Salesforce

The cloud-based application is designed to make the task of contact management simple for you. Get a complete view of your clients and customers and their activity, interaction, contact history, campaign details, and critical customer data. The tool gives you a clear picture of each customer’s activity on social networks. You can analyze the data to find how popular your products are with customers. Not only this, the application can enable you to uncover insight into the issues facing customers. The intuitive platform facilitates collaboration with people at different levels in the organization. With Salesforce, you can access all of the contact data required for keeping deals moving.

Cons: Editing fields after they have been posted is not easy.

2. InfusionSoft

With robust functionality, InfusionSoft is an intuitive relationship management tool that is designed for businesses to track and communicate with customers and target audience while remembering key details about each customer. The contact management software is easy to use and allows you to schedule tasks and keep things moving smoothly, since everyone is informed and aware of their assigned duties. The scalable system easily collects data about leads and seamlessly organizes, manages detailed individual contact records data for your ease. It grows with your business and helps you stay organized if you are drowning in a sea of contacts.

Cons: Unless you are an expert in the system, you may find it difficult to navigate.

3. Microsoft Dynamics

Regardless of your industry, you need to manage your relationship with clients and customers. It is here that Microsoft Dynamic CRM can help with its robust functionality. The contact management software is designed to manage business-to-business and business –to-consumer relationships. This includes managing contacts with other businesses and contacts working there. Designed with built-in features, the software enables you to easily integrate contacts with Outlook.  The application allows you to segment information, helping you make better informed decisions while also keeping a close eye on customer issues, sales records, and results of marketing campaigns.

Cons: The system is not easy to integrate with third party CRM tools, which may hamper productivity and efficiency.

4. SugarCRM

The mobile application is designed to facilitate relationship management, helping you easily connect with customers, prospects, and clients. The cloud-based SugarCRM enables you to track customer interactions and offers real-time sharing, so that you can seamlessly share information with multiple employees in different departments without requiring you to refresh the information. The ability to track and monitor employees gives this relationship management software an edge, helping you upload knowledgebase for staff across the organization to stay informed and avoid costly mistakes. You and employees can easily access the contact management system anywhere anytime, since it is a mobile app.

Cons: There aren’t many help functions within the application. But the system is intuitive and its tutorial comes to your rescue if you are struck on any of its features.

5. 3CLogic Cloud Contact Center

With a complete suite of contact features, the application provides you with a 360 degree view of customer interactions. The reliable solution seamlessly integrates with other cloud-based applications and provides top-level security with its encryption of sensitive data at rest. The system is scalable, which means it grows with your organization and offers data backup in a range of locations. With an array of features, the 3CLogic Cloud Contact Center is easily customizable. The powerful platform offers real-time reporting and enables integration to connect your business with other robust applications, helping meet the challenges of the modern world.

Cons: The user manual has a lot of room for improvement, leaving a few questions answered when you are struck with the system. But the reliable customer support team is always there to respond to queries.

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