2018 Best CRM Solutions for Casinos


Casino customer relationship management (CRM) software is designed to enable casino managers to monitor players and keep a close watch on the relative value of repeat customers. In a casino environment, customer service is critical and each type of customer should receive appropriate level of service. As such, it is important that customer tracking and loyalty systems are able to aggregate contact with players. CRM solutions for casinos help managers target promotions and rewards catered to player preferences and potential. The need for casinos is a flexible, enterprise-wide CRM that helps drive marketing.

1. Salesforce

With a broad suite of applications, Salesforce comes complete with marketing automation, relationship management, sales management, and customer service capabilities. The CRM solution for casino helps in efficient tracking and management of customer accounts and monitoring of marketing campaigns. The setup provides necessary analytical applications necessary for forecasting game, table, and player performance. With the intuitive application, casinos can calculate the expected return on each player’s gambling session, helping them allocate rewards accordingly.

Cons: Report generation isn’t as easy as it can be expected of an intuitive application.

2. Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Microsoft Dynamics CRM is designed to provide robust out-of-the-box capabilities for a casino. The scalable software is flexible enough to change as per the evolving customer preferences and adopt new customer outreach tactics, thus helping you get competitive advantage and create brand loyalty. Not only this, the product enables cost-effective implementation of evolving marketing strategies and offers strong capabilities in marketing automation, customer data management, and customer service & analytics. The product is designed with an improved user interface that is easy to use and provides better visualization of customer data, which can be leveraged by marketing teams to provide a unique customer experience to earn loyalty. Its multi-tenant architecture ensures that it can be offered on premises and on-demand.

Cons: The application involves a steep learning curve, with so many features & functionalities.

3. Pardot

The software features marketing automation capabilities that enable your marketing team the required tools for customer tracking and analytics. This enables users to easily obtain key information about customer and potential leads. Pardot is a full-featured suite equipped with managing marketing campaigns and tracking & analyzing conversions. It supports analytics that track performance and reporting for territory analysis. Using Pardot’s CRM connectors, you can sync leads and contacts bi-directionally to keep all segments current and seamlessly assign leads to sales reps.

Cons: The feature-rich product is priced little higher than other similar applications on the market.

4. NetSuite

Casinos must provide an excellent gaming and customer experience to guests. The leading CRM for casinos, NetSuite delivers a real-time view of each customer data and analytics, helping save big on IT costs and improve sales activity. With this fully integrated application, which comes complete with sales force automation capabilities, it is easier to improve sales performance through forecasting and commission management. The 100 percent cloud-based application provides a smooth flow of information across the lifecycle of each customer, right from lead to sales order and fulfillment, helping casinos identify high margin customers and ensuring they get extraordinary service and rewards.

Cons: The application features certain customization tools. However, these are not easy to use. But with regular use, you can get a hang of the system.

5. Workbooks

The software-as-a-service (Saas) CRM system, Workbooks is a fully integrated suite of applications that comes with customer service, marketing and sales automation, and customer relationship capabilities. The system gives a real-time view of customer activity and engagement, combining all customer information, which helps direct all marketing efforts to the right segment. It is easier than ever to classify patrons and calculate returns on each gambling session. With efficient tasking capabilities, Workbooks provides an intuitive platform to communicate with staff and allow clients to submit tickets to report issues, which is routed to the right member for resolution.

Cons: Initial setup and implementation may be a bit difficult, but the product works seamlessly once installed.

Choosing the best CRM solution for casino can be a hassle, especially with an overwhelming number of software available on the market. However, the ITQlick team of professionals can make the best software recommendations for your specific business, making your task easier.