2018 Best IT Asset Management Tools


IT asset management is a crucial part of managing your business. It is easier than ever to manage your software and hardware assets with IT asset management software, helping you discover, track, and organize your asset inventory. Take the burden of managing your IT assets off your shoulders with automated asset management systems available in the market.

1. Zendesk

Track and manage your assets with a touch of elegance with Zendesk. As a complete automation, configuration, and integration tool, the cloud-based software enables you to securely interact with your assets anywhere anytime.

With granular control, configuration of the fields is super easy using drag-and-drop technology, so you can securely and conveniently track attributes that matter. The easy-to-install tool features automated tracking of assets and enables asset managers to view IT configurations of assets across the network. This makes it easier for managers to identify which asset is located where.

Cons: It may be little tricky to customize the software to make it look like your brand.

2. SpiceWorks

Specially designed for IT professionals and asset managers, SpiceWorks is an easy to use and integrate asset management software. The system offers robust functionality and is easy to customize to suit your specific business needs and make it unique to your brand.

It seamlessly integrates with desktop and enables you to monitor your network and PCs. The intuitive application tracks your system, server, routers, printers, phones, and other hardware and software to make IT management a seamless process for you.

Keep track of all of your software licenses so you can stay stress free and stay compliant with audit regulatory authorities.

Cons: The automated or mandatory updates can be irksome at times for users. But this does not make the software any less effective.

3. FreshService

If you are looking for great asset management capabilities, you might want to invest in FreshService. Designed to simplify IT operations, FreshService comes complete with an array of powerful automation features that make asset management a seamless process for you.

The Saas-based application is easy to use, helping you effortlessly track software/hardware assets and know your inventory while allowing you to tag, add, and delink assets from any place. What’s more, with this feature-rich asset management solution, you can get complete control of your network.

Cons: The feature-rich system may look complicated to new users. However, if you go through the training manuals, it would be easier to use the intuitive application that makes asset management a breeze.

4. Samange

Easy to install, Samange uses cutting-edge technology to track all of your inventory and IT assets. With this intuitive asset management system, you can better manage IT operations and organize IT assets like never before, ensuring better asset control.

Packed with user-friendly features, the application helps you maximize your investment by efficiently managing your IT hardware and software. The software comes with Problems & Changes feature that is designed to help enterprises formulate strategies for the entire organization. With Risk Detection feature, you can easily identify potential risks that may harm your business operations.

Cons: There are some areas that still have room for improvement. The application can be expanded to make it even more user friendly and effective.

5. ManageEngine AssetExplorer

The cloud-based IT asset management software is designed to enable you to efficiently monitor and manage your IT assets, including both software and hardware.  With AssetExplorer, you have a number of ways to track your network’s IT assets.

Easy to install, the software is packed with multiple features, including managing complete IT asset cycle, tracking purchase orders, ensuring compliance with software license, and keeping up-to-date information of your assets. AssetExplorer software audits all workstations across the enterprise and gives you a clear idea of who owns what.

Cons:  Some of the features and functionalities make this software little difficult to use. It could be made little more intuitive so that beginners can use the software seamlessly.

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