2022 Best LMS Solutions

Learning Management Systems (LMS) are designed for educational institutions for the better management of online learning programs. With LMS solutions, it is easier than ever to document, track, report, deliver, and administer electronic educational training courses.

These applications come with analytics and reporting functionality that enables organizations to develop and deliver electronic courses with unprecedented reach and flexibility. The LMS is a crucial tool for consulting businesses specializing in staffing and training and corporations interested in tracking and analyzing the continuing education of their workforce.

1. Accord LMS

The cloud-based application comes with multiple course development capabilities, including course libraries, course branding, course templates, collaboration, custom user interface, and multiple delivery formats. It comes fully integrated with eCommerce, webinars, and HRIS synchronization and facilitates compliance and regulatory learning.

The intuitive solution is designed with drag and drop functionality, which streamlines content into specific folders and courses, making it easier to use for different groups of learners. With Accord LMS, it is easier to install, customize & upgrade and track documents, videos, and web assets. The robust application features multiple portals that allow users to share e-learning courses with students or employees.

Cons: Since reports are ever-evolving, it takes time to get a hang of the system.

2. Inspired LMS

The learning management system is designed to build, manage, and deploy e-learning courses. With its calendar-generating feature, users can create a schedule and rules for all courses, ensuring that the number of students for each class does not go beyond a set number. Automated registration ensures that participants can easily register for a training session or class from anywhere.

A perfect LMS for professional training businesses and training company employees, the intuitive application supports multiple types of training, and online documents and enables personalization of instructor-led training. Inspired LMS sends automated reminders to remind expiration of certification.

It is a full-featured suit that includes certification management, instructor-led training, eCommerce integration, course curricula, catalog creation, course assignments, and online learning capabilities.

Cons: The application runs slow at times and customer service is available in English alone, which means non-native users may find it hard to communicate.

3. ExpertusOne

An award-winning learning management system, ExpertusOne is a cloud-based application that comes with an array of features. With its simple and intuitive interface, the cutting-edge solution is designed with in-built workflows and robust capabilities that make it an award-winning application.

It offers such services as content management & course development and offers an array of capabilities, including e-learning, classroom learning, blended learning, student portal, self-paced progress, email integration, customizable dashboard, and student self-service.

Easy to integrate with third-party applications, the LMS is compliant with industry regulators and offers administrative reporting, registration management, authentication, user access controls, and support for multiple users. With its global commerce functionality, businesses can maximize training revenue and profitability.

Cons: The website should be a little more intuitive. With so many features, the dashboard looks cluttered.

4. Schoox

The cloud-based e-learning management solution, Schoox is a highly customizable application that comes with a flexible interface. The intuitive application enables users to create custom courses and offer training to staff or students. Easy to implement and use, the LMS allows companies to establish assignment rules and customized access for their courses.

The highly engaging and interactive platform, Schoox offers content management and reporting with different data formats while ensuring that employee training is consistent across diverse regions, stores, and countries.

It is designed with a simple drag and drop feature that allows managers to create courses from anywhere and assign new coursework to specific groups. The application offers continuous learning options for employees to boost compliance.

Cons: The feature-rich application has a long learning curve.

5. Prosperity

The highly customizable and scalable application is designed to help you manage your employee training needs. Available in two versions – Signature and Corporate – Prosperity learning management system helps you achieve employee training goals.

While the signature version is designed for training vendors, the corporate version is designed to help you meet your employee training needs. The application is available both as a hosted and on-premises solution. It is a complete LMS solution for training vendors, which features Prosperity CREATOR that allows your HR and training departments to seamlessly develop training materials.

Cons: The solution does not offer a dedicated application for Android, and iOS users.

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