Top 5 Patient Scheduling Software

2022’s Top 5 Patient Scheduling Software – Your front desk has too many responsibilities at hand. The front desk staff must be ever ready to manage things every time a patient walks in. From managing schedules to tracking patients, a patient scheduling solution can come in handy to help your staff get it right all the time, minimizing no-shows and cancellations.

The primary goal of a medical practice management software tool is to make you smarter with scheduling, helping you automate the appointment process and increase the number of patient visits. The common features of the patient scheduling solution include:

  • Keep scheduling organized
  • Receive real-time updates on schedule changes
  • Create new patients
  • Manage schedules across a range of departments
  • Track patients
  • Reduce no-shows and last-minute calls with appointment reminder calls

Best Patient Scheduling Software

  1. Kareo

Patient scheduling has been made easier with Kareo –the medical billing service designed to schedule patients, simplify complicated billing tasks, and confirm insurance and compliance. Small-scale healthcare services looking to simplify their billing process will find Kareo handy.

The patient scheduling solution features fee schedule management, posting and claims processing, performance reporting, remittance and payment posting, and document storage capabilities. Kareo also features a patient portal, patient list and messaging, lab order, and code scrubbing.

With the medical billing solution, you can get automatic access to practice management tools to make front-office task management seamless. It provides outsourced billing support for handling invoicing claims and reimbursements.

Cons: Although the system is highly intuitive, some programs have limitations, as they are platform specific.

  1. MediTouch

The cloud-based electronic health record solution comes with practice management capabilities for users to handle day-to-day tasks. MediTouch is fully integrated with the Clearinghouse and Practice Management. Whether you are looking for a tool to create and send claims to payers or schedule patients, MediTouch can fit in easily. Its SaaS deployment option helps users instantly access their files.

Some of its capabilities include iPad compatibility, ePrescribing, print wizard, patient scheduling & reporting, document management, SOAP format, allergy lists management, and strong security features certified by HIPPA.

It is one practice management software solution designed for both beginners and experts.

Cons: There is no on-premise deployment option with MediTouch EHR.

  1. AthenaClinicals

If patient scheduling and practice management are on top of your priority list, look no further than AthenaClinicals. The medical practice management solution is designed to make patient billing, and scheduling easier.

It comes with unique capabilities, such as inventory management, claims management, and billing management to make tasks seamless for your medical practice, taking the burden off your front desk.

The software comes with different customization features, such as document management, custom user interface, and customizable functionality, making it easier for you to customize the tool according to your specific needs.

Appointment management, employee scheduling, invoicing, patient record management, and insurance data management are some of the top features of AthenaClinicals.

Billing management is easier with the medical practice management software. One feature that sets it apart from similar tools is its quality management engine which enables users to monitor the documentation and reporting quality process.

Cons: New users may find it a little difficult to navigate through the system.

  1. NueMD

The practice management software is suitable for all types of healthcare organizations. If you are looking for a NiCd-10-ready solution for your healthcare practice, you may want to try this software.

Some of the capabilities of NueMD include a patient portal, billing & invoicing, e-prescribing, e-Labs, claims management, custom reporting, collections management, and medical record integration.

It offers easy access to patient payment history and accounts receivable. The HIPAA- compliant solution is easy to customize to meet the specific needs of your medical practice and adapt to your unique workflow requirements. One standout feature is the additional support for mental and behavioral health.

Cons: There are no options to view the schedule a week or month in advance.

  1. ADP AdvancedMD EHR

Automate workflow and patient care management with the cloud-based ADPAdvancedMD EHR. The electronic health records tool is designed with unique capabilities to help medical practices improve workflow efficiency and operational control.

Its flexible documentation options, customizable documentation, and pre-defined flow sheets reduce the burden on the shoulders of the front desk.

The patient scheduling software features a patient portal, image management, and support for multiple file types and unlimited users. The customer support offers unlimited 1-on-1 support.

Cons: Users need to have Internet Explorer to access AdvancedMD HER, which is not compatible with any other browser.

Still, looking for the best patient scheduling software for your unique medical practice needs?

Let ITQlick experts come in to offer software recommendations catering to your specific requirements. With our IT support, you can find the best patient billing and medical practice management tools to make things easier for your practice.

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