2022 Best Payroll Software for SMBs

A reliable payroll system that easily processes payments is the need for every business. This type of solution tracks all the information related to employee compensation, paid vacation, one-time or recurring benefits, and time-off benefits. Payroll solutions help users seamlessly track employee information and process payments, saving you time, money, and stress by mitigating compliance risks and increasing the accuracy of records.

1. Patriot PAY

The cloud-based payroll management software is designed to streamline all processes related to payroll. Its capabilities include the calculation of payroll tax, payroll tax management, attendance management, and paycheck printing, among others.

The payroll software can seamlessly integrate with Patriot Software’s other modules, facilitating personnel tracking and time and attendance. Users only need to pay for the modules they choose. The web-based application allows employers to access and run payroll anytime anywhere to access employee records.

Cons: Some features are offered for a fee. It would be better if these features are available for a free trial.

2. Kronos Workforce Ready

The web-based HR, payroll management solution offers an easy-to-use, streamlined interface that enables enterprises to drive revenue and increase productivity with access to real-time employee data. The intuitive application simplifies the way employee information is secured, used, and stored, helping make workforce management more convenient.

With Kronos software, your company has the right tool to simplify payroll administration and management of employee data. Easy to customize, the application automates key business processes, helping you access employees’ time and attendance, payroll, absence management, and labor analytics from a centralized place.

Cons: Kronos Workforce Ready does not offer 24/7 remote support.

3. SaaShr

Designed especially for HR and payroll management, SaaShr comes with a range of capabilities, including applicant tracking, accrual tracking, and payroll management. Easy to adapt, the application can be integrated into a complete suite or even with other third-party applications.

The software enables managers to seamlessly manage tasks, including filling out forms, documenting certifications, and maintaining training records. With its time and attendance solution, the highly scalable payroll SaaS helps HR managers make flexible pay rules and schedules, accurately document employee time, and reduce payroll errors.

The scalable application also provides different functionalities with accrual tracking, scheduling, and requests for time off and grows as your business expands, so you have no problem managing payroll and employee data regardless of the size of your business.

Cons: The application is not compatible with other languages, except English.

4. QuickBooks Payroll

The cloud-based payroll system is designed for small enterprises to manage their payroll more efficiently. Easy to use, the intuitive application integrates with QuickBooks and facilitates accounting & taxation, payroll, and employee management.

Users can seamlessly manage employee profiles and easily determine pay schedules, pay rates, and methods of payment. It is easier to review and submit payroll at any time with QuickBooks Payroll. The user-friendly tool also offers the option to print pay stubs.  Users can get detailed reports with total payroll cost, cost breakdowns, and pay compared between periods.

Cons: The interface may sometimes be confusing to new users. It lacks data importing capability in different formats.

5. ZenPayroll

The cloud-based payroll SaaS management solution, ZenPayroll comes with an array of features to make management of payroll and time & attendance simpler. The application is designed with federal and state tax management, direct deposit, payroll reports printing, payroll cancelation, and flexible payment scheduling capabilities.

Pay stubs are automated and emailed to employees, with information about reimbursements, bonuses, and vacation hours. The user-friendly payroll management tool facilitates tax filing and automatic tax calculations. With AutoPilot activated, the application automates the entire payroll process and allows for unlimited payroll runs.

Cons: The system makes payroll processing simple, but it can be a little tricky for new users.

Wondering how to choose the right payroll software that would meet your business requirements? Truly, with an overwhelming number of software products on the market, it may get confusing to make the right choice. But worry not! At ITQlick, we can help you cut through the clutter of software applications. Our experts can make the right software recommendations to identify the best solution for your business so you can manage your employees and payroll efficiently.

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