2018 Top 10 IT Field Service Management Software


As a business with field agents, you find it hard to track and manage the abundance of data. Relying on manual processes for this task is virtually impossible. It is here that you should harness the power of field service management software to record and consolidate data into a unified platform, where it is easy to access and share.

Investing in a field service application involves both time and money, so extensive research is required to select the best platform that addresses your specific needs, whether maid service, pest control or any other field service, such as communications and manufacturing.

  1. Odyssee

A highly reliable field service management program, Odyssee is your ultimate solution to efficient planning, scheduling, tracking, managing, and automating administration tasks. It comes with automated scheduling feature so you can give response to customer requests quickly. The software sends notifications for multiple jobs so you can reorganize things and seamlessly monitor service level agreements.

Receive updates in real time, streamline administrative processes, record job status, and automate reports using existing data and service histories. The software is designed to track the location of technicians or field service staff, calculate travel time, and show them upcoming jobs on the map.

  1. FieldAware

Available in the cloud, FieldAware is designed to support the full service lifecycle, technician scheduling, work order management, client billing, invoices & payment, and dispatching. The application also supports access to mobile devices by field service staff, so they can request information, report status, and view work schedules. Its integration with third party software enables customers to raise service requests and monitor status.

  1. FieldLocate

Easy to track a job in real time, FieldLocate software comes with capabilities to see updates on job status, so customers don’t have to keep waiting for a status call. The field service management solution helps improve efficiency by eliminating bottlenecks and ensuring that the whole team is on the same page. It is easier to review cash flow, view customizable reports of employee hours, inventory, jobs, invoices and drive higher overall revenue.

  1. Synchroteam

The cloud-based field service management solution makes it easier for managers to track on-field job progress in real time. You can easily track mobile employees, their location, availability, and work in progress. Synchroteam handles everything from scheduling to customer management, invoicing, workforce optimization, and real-time access. The information is displayed on a map, making tracking easier and simple, with all information just one click away.

  1. Jobber

Jobber makes it easier to organize all information, from invoicing to client interaction, customers list, employee location, and billing. The field service software is fast and easy to use, and comes in handy when it comes to tracking clients, automated emailing, and scheduling jobs. Invoicing and Billing is easier and quicker and save time with this handy tool. Employees can receive and send photos, schedules, invoices, and notes directly from the field.

  1. Wintac

The web-based IT field service management software allows real time interaction with on-site staff. Designed for small & medium businesses, Wintac supports key service management features, including scheduling, calendar, and invoicing. The tool enables detailed planning so you can enjoy better interactions with employees and customers. It is integrated with QuickBooks, allowing the accounting department to streamline activities. The invoicing feature helps you send bills and make payments.

  1. ServiceCEO

The cloud-based solution comes with a performance & operational reporting system that closes the gap between actual performance of field workers and the potential of the organization.  The dispatch and scheduling software enables automatic time management and helps increase customer satisfaction, serve customers quickly, and reduce cost. Make life easier for clients, customers, technicians, and staff with the field service management solution, giving customers the convenience of securely requesting service and paying bill.

  1. eToolbox

When employees are out there in the field, it would help to get your hands on eToolbox to automate marketing and sales campaign with automated e-mailing system. The field service management solution streamlines invoicing and quoting and allows simpler scheduling of tasks. It enables managers to track leads and sales and performance of each member in the team. Route optimization feature reduces travel time for employees.

  1. ServiceCEO

A complete field service management solution, ServiceCEO comes with dispatching, scheduling, sales forecasting, marketing, and invoicing and Payment Processing capabilities. The web-based solution is customizable and meets specific needs of customers, employees, improving the way you manage services while on the go.

  1. CallProof

Designed for small companies, CallProof is designed to optimize and track sales processes. The software automatically reports calls while enabling managers to get a clearer view of the calls and appointments.  The sales time will not waste manually time filling data into the CRM.  It comes integrated with GPS that enables you to track your sales team and do follow ups. The system delivers an automated sales approach, so your team can focus more on sales.

Looking for reliable IT field service management software? Get in touch with us. At ITQlick, we will match you with 5 vendors that offer the best program at the best price. It was never so easy to track projects and on-field workers in real time as with this software.