2018 Top 10 Reputation Management Software

Reputation Management Software
Reputation Management Software

2018’s Top 10 Reputation Management Software – Looking for the best online reputation management software solution? Well, there are plenty of options out there, which could make choice difficult.

When you get your hands on the right online reputation management tool, you can monitor online customer reviews, encourage positive experiences, and capture negative experiences. Since consumer behaviour has changed significantly over a period of time, consumers are expected to explore more about an organization before doing business with it.

A reputation management solution provides organizations with a mechanism to submit new reviews by carrying out email or advertising campaigns. This ensures that you can portray your business in a positive light.

Top 10 Online Reputation Management Software


This is one tool you need to convert happy customers into reviewers.  A widely popular reputation management solution for marketers, agencies, and SEOs, Grade.us enables you to monitor online reviews and highlight your best reviews and make them searchable to promote your positive reputation. Additionally, you can trace unhappy customers even before they post negative reviews about you.

Cloud 90

The social media marketing software offers such services as multiple accounts management, keyword filtering, and custom targeting. The reputation management software comes complete with a custom built dashboard and comprehensive brand monitoring capabilities, featuring accurate sentiment analysis.

The application is equipped with such features as early warning system, which has the capability to detect threats to the brand. As soon as a threat is detected, the tool generates alerts. Cloud 90 facilitates sales lead generation and influences identification of threats to calculate the brand reach.


When you are looking for the top reputation management software, you cannot ignore ReviewInc. The application is designed with features that enable an organization to track online reviews and company reputation. The industry leading review and reputation management platform enables review monitoring tool that tracks customer reviews in real time.


Whether you are looking for a tool to manage online review or existing negative reviews or wish to build brand reputation, SproutLoud can come in handy.

The software comes with numerous capabilities that make it easier for you to create single or multi-touchpoint email programs. It features call tracking and analytics that enable brands to measure the performance of marketing campaigns, depending on the calls they generate.

Conversation Miner

The web based reputation management software is one of the best tools to manage your online brand reputation. It is designed with such capabilities as social media monitoring. The Conversation Miner tool features sentiment analysis and automated and human analysis capabilities. Social media monitoring is another top feature of Conversation Miner.

The tool offers real-time listening feature, which tracks customer conversation and reviews on diverse social media networks. There is a configurable dashboard that can be tailored to cater to the particular needs of a business.


If you are looking for a tool that suppresses negative content about your business, then you should look no further than Reputation.com. The application is designed to sync your social media accounts to a centralized dashboard, which gives you a clear view of what is being talked about your brand across all networks.

This tracking feature enables you to post, track, flag, or respond to any of the conversations on time right from the software dashboard. The platform can be used to analyze, track, and manage trends across social media. You can also leverage the tool to assign review management tasks to your customer service team.

Reputation engagement suite

Whether you wish to monitor customer feedback online or real-time review alerts, Reputation Engagement Suite is designed for this purpose. This software helps your organization helps your business monitor multiple online review sites on a single dashboard.

With this software, your business can solicit more fresh reviews and experience a visible increase in reviews that can help you generate more positive online experiences and increased foot traffic.

Brand V02

Brand V02 is one of the top reputation management software tools available. The application can accurately identify brand weaknesses, acquisition targets, and spot market disruption.

Brand V02 is designed to spot potential acquisition targets. It features other capabilities, such as monitoring reports on brand rejection, predicting business performance and market share in the future, and managing campaigns.

Cloud90 Inc.

Cloud90 is designed as a review and reputation management software to monitor public online domains. It also monitors your social media networks, tracking every single mention of your company name.

The software keeps eyes on the conversations involving your organization, products, and services. Cloud90 effectively filters out the noise and negativity and finds meaningful, actionable conversations from which your organization can get instant, accurate data and business intelligence. The data holds the key to gaining better insight about customer preferences and making informed decisions.


Reputada is a tool designed to help a business manage online reputation. The software provides your business with tools to collect customer feedback and convert the same to reputation capital. The B2B customer feedback software is your key to tracking ongoing feedback, so you can make continuous improvement and have happy customers.

If you are wondering which reputation management software is the right choice for your business, let the ITQlick team come up with suggestions. Our software experts have extensive experience, knowledge, and database to offer you the best review and reputation management tool for your business.