3 Help Desk Software Alternatives for Zendesk

When it comes to solving your customer’s issues regarding your services or products, you need to manage the situation quickly and efficiently. That’s why the Help Desk Software you choose for your company will make a difference because the long-term engagement with your customers will come from the fast and useful solutions you give them when they have a problem.

Thousands of companies trust Zendesk to manage their Help Desk service, due to a combination of excellent features with an attractive pricing range. It offers a knowledge base for self-resolution of problems, brings support to every channel you can imagine, and at the same time, it provides your Help Desk team members with great management tools.

These include an excellent ticketing system together with enhanced reports and graphics display. Zendesk is fully accessible and has affordable prices, therefore it is definitely the software to beat.

However, you can find many alternatives to Zendesk, to compare and finally identify the software that suits your company best. We are bringing here a selection of three remarkable alternatives to Zendesk, although you can find extensive reviews about all of them in our Help Desk section. This is our pick:

FreshdeskFlexibility and performance

If you need a powerful and easy-to-integrate Help Desk solution, combined with a cloud-based environment, you will probably find Freshdesk very interesting. Not just words, as soon as you start working on it you can get an idea of the level of customization it can reach and the helpful automated tasks that will save your Help Desk service a lot of time.

There is also one especially interesting feature, it allows you to create a rich user community that you can use both to learn from your customers and to feed the database of automated solutions you can provide your users with. All these features and affordable prices, make Freshdesk a strong alternative.

Samanage Help Desk – When Workload Reduction Matters

For companies that need to give an answer to a big amount of requests coming both from customers and employees, Samanage will offer automation and a system that learns from its usage to eventually reduce the workload of your company.

It is a Help Desk solution aimed at IT asset management and will integrate perfectly with your existing IT asset management solution. Samanage enables your users with many tools to self-solve their problem, providing them with several solutions from the knowledge base, and it will also help you apply standardized methods to implement the best problem management system for your company.

With software like this, there’s nothing such as “more requests that you can handle”.

Desk.com – Multichannel at Ease

This is a solution designed for companies that receive Help Desk requests from every channel available, but that still need strong software that can manage them centralized.

It not only provides you with a complete call-tracking system, but also with a universal inbox that will include all the tickets collected from emails, chats, or even Facebook and/or Twitter messages. That will enable you to assign a group to treat each type of request, and automatically have those forwarded so that they can be processed fast and your customer gets the best solution as soon as possible.

And, as you can imagine, this will improve the brand reputation of your company dramatically.

These are just the three most popular choices of other companies, and each one has its own strong points. If you need to feel the pros and cons of each one more visually, you can use the comparison utility in our section that will show you side by side every two software that you choose.

We at ITQlick want to provide you with all the necessary resources before you acquire software for your company.

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