4 High Quality and Cheap HR Software


You’re reading the title correctly. High quality and cheap HR software; yes, they exists.

Free trial or demo? Nope. Most providers offer this but we’re not talking about those solutions that expire in a few days time and suddenly prompt you to upgrade for a hefty price tag. Completely free, one user, limited cloud storage space? Yes, they’re everywhere but be careful with what you subscribe for because free could still mean hidden charges and tons of irritating ads, unsolicited email newsletters, and all the time-waster gimmicks you wouldn’t want to see on a business computing platform. What we’re talking about here are HR software solutions with features and functionality that would exactly fit into your business requirements – relatively cheap but high on quality.

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Hire People? Track Applicants? Manage Employees?

These days you can already have an HR software solution that will help you perform those tasks better for as low as $2 per month. That’s right. Although the average enterprise-grade subscription package is around $25 per user per month, availing those cheap solutions doesn’t mean you’re entrusting your business to a low grade system. There are cheap HR software out there that offers excellent features and superb capabilities. On this post, we are going to name a few of them. Here we go.


This Belgian company is eager to deliver to you the core and advanced features of their modern talent recruitment platform. Their starter package, which is offered for free, already includes features like Candidate Management, Basic Analytics, and Jobs Management. How about the Professional package? Well, at EUR 39, you can get a Mobile-Friendly Career Page plus various customization options. And if it’s about higher quality, the TalentSquare Store offers advanced recruiting features available for free or as paid add-ons.

TalentSquare Pricing


If a full-featured HRMS cloud solution at the cost of a few dollars is what you need, try EmpXtrack. This HR software solution is totally comprehensive and at the same time cheap. From Performance Management, Human Capital Management, Recruitment, all the way up to Strategic HR Solutions, their pricing plan is truly competitive. Volume discount? Yes, they have. As the number of employees that needs to be tracked increases, their per-head price goes down to as low as $0.85. Curious about quality? Well, all you have to do is to check all their package editions because all of them contain superb quality HR modules that will surely cater the needs of your organization.

EmpXtrack Pricing


If you are going to check BambooHR’s pricing page, you’ll see a price calculator there which is preset to reveal the corresponding package price for certain number of employees. We played this a little bit more and discovered that for as many as 1,500 employees, your monthly subscription fee will only be equivalent to $2,999. If you do the math, that’s around $2 per employee only! Cheap, isn’t? We further explored their website and we realized that BambooHR is truly an online Human Resources Information System (HRIS). At the price of $2 for an HRIS that offers features like Time Off, Centralized Employee Database, Beautiful Reports, and Global features, here is what our experts in ITQlick have to say: “You’re investing on a cheap bamboo that functions like a solid rock for your HR needs”.

BambooHR Pricing

Zoho People

For 5 users and 1 administrator, just sign up and you’ll get going with managing your people totally free of charge. What can you get from $0 HR software? Leave Tracker, 250MB cloud storage and Form Customization. For the cost of nothing, that sounds good enough. But with Zoho People’s $99 Enterprise Solution, the sky is the limit when it comes to high quality features. And with Mobile Apps for Zoho People, you can stay connected with your employees and colleagues using your Android, iPhone or any smartphone. We know Zoho for developing smart software for growing business. The quality is certainly first before the price.

Zoho People Pricing

1 MDAzNC5qcGc=Price is what you pay. Value is what you get.”

This brainy quote absolutely applies to all these four HR software. Cheap doesn’t mean low quality and that’s what we have proven when we compared a lot of HR software available in the market today. And to give you more insights about HR software, here are the Top 5 HR Software for Large Businesses. They might be not that cheap, but they’re of good quality. That’s our guarantee.