5 Award Winning Maintenance Software

You want to see your assets working at their optimal best. Your goal is to prolong the lifespan of assets at minimal expenditure. To help you track the asset lifespan is a computerized maintenance management system. With a CMMS, you can track the upkeep of machinery, building, equipment, fleets, and the associated cost of work.  Whether you maintain assets in single or multiple facilities or a group of equipment, a reliable CMMS can be the best tool to:

  • Track functioning of assets
  • Reports any malfunctioning assets
  • Control & reduce maintenance cost
  • Maintain a compliant work environment
  • Maintain maintenance inventory
  • Manage people & processes
  • The document, manage all aspects of operations, boost productivity, and get organized
  • Keep a record of maintenance and repair history
  • Track machinery repairs

Top Maintenance Solutions

Maintenance software is the need for businesses today for better work scheduling. A CMMS helps keep your equipment running, maintain a safe work environment, control costs, and manage resources effectively.


The CMMS gives you a clear picture of maintenance history records on multiple levels. This includes a full report of costs, progress, bill of materials, maintenance schedules, overdue work orders, inventory level alerts, and meter readings. Maintenace5000 also highlights employee availability. The mobile maintenance solution integrates with leading enterprise resource planning systems. The CMMS improves the operational life of equipment while reducing maintenance costs and maintaining compliance with set standards. Leverage Maintenance5000 to automate task scheduling for specific assets, maximize efficiency, reduce health & safety risks, and handle unexpected maintenance issues.

Cons: It is designed for small and medium businesses.

Sprocket CMMS

The maintenance management solution is designed with a range of capabilities, such as preventive maintenance, asset management, and work order management, to improve operational efficiency, reduce cost, and maximize the bottom line. With Sprocket CMMS, you will find it easier to track work orders related to maintenance, repair work, and inspections and schedule maintenance tasks. The software offers improved visibility into asset lives through checkouts, time postings, and equipment downtime. You can access real-time data from anywhere and update work order information.

Cons: The interface may be a little difficult to navigate initially.

Agile Assets

One of the leading computerized maintenance management solutions available, AgileAssets comes complete with facilities management, maintenance management, and fleet and equipment management capabilities. Optimize available resources and make the most of your assets while removing redundancies, thus improving productivity and efficiency. With AgileAssets, you get access to an array of analysis tools to manage the required tasks within your budget.

The solution is designed with the capability to estimate annual maintenance requirements. Some other key services include optimal distribution of budget, custom preventative maintenance, the accuracy of records, and asset hierarchies. The maintenance software solution offers three deployment options, including managed hosting solutions, and client application hosting, depending on the preferences of customers.

Cons: There is a long learning curve with Agile Assets, but it is worth it, given the capabilities of this maintenance system.

Bigfoot CMMS

With a simple interface, Bigfoot CMMS efficiently caters to the requirements of the professional maintenance industry, helping your business through its powerful functionality. Its capabilities include inventory management, work order management, preventive and predictive maintenance, and asset and equipment management.

The system is easy to configure for different kinds of security settings, user types, and workflows, irrespective of location details. Bigfoot CMMS is designed to support integration with ERPs, advanced reporting systems, active directory, condition monitoring systems, and building automation solutions, among others. The cloud-based maintenance management solution can be accessed on any Internet-connected device.

Cons: Though the interface is simple, some of the visuals are difficult to understand for first-time users.

Maintenance Edge

The scalable maintenance solution caters to a range of industries, including food, hospitality, government, healthcare, and property management, among others. Available as a cloud-based app with a SaaS delivery model, Maintenance Edge is perfect for organizations that focus on giving accurate real-time information to their maintenance team to improve productivity at a cost-effective price.

The CMMS also allows you to automate scheduling, extend asset lifecycle, improve customer service, and reduce operating costs. With Maintenance Edge, you get access to various modules including Work Order, which helps in the efficient management of workflow, besides scheduling, receiving & assigning work requests, performance measurement, and job updates. The maintenance solution supports automated communication with customers and automated work order routing, sending real-time updates to customers.

Cons: There is no free trial for this product.

If you are looking for a solution to attend to maintenance work orders faster, improve asset lifespan, and quick replenishment of inventory, then a reliable computerized maintenance management solution will come in handy. But with the gamut of solutions on the market, you may not be able to spend much time researching and analyzing the right fit for your business. Worry not! With ITQlick experts, you never have to worry about finding the right software tools for your business. We are equipped with the best technology and industry knowledge and tools to make the best recommendations.

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