5 Award Winning Project Management Software


You cannot use your memory alone to memorize multiple projects that your team has to juggle through every now and then. Timely project delivery is a prerequisite to success, which is not possible without proper project management. You cannot rely on email alone to secure information.

Project management software is the right solution to get hold of all the information that often outgrows email threads and spreadsheets and to get an overview of projects in the pipeline. Getting every single detail on each project is a breeze with a reliable project management solution.

We have come up with the top project management applications for your business:

  1. Wrike

A perfect solution for teams and companies, Wrike is designed to help users get access to real-time information. Easy to use, the project management solution gives clear information on submission schedules and deadlines, so that users can prioritize assignments, monitor updates, and provide timely feedback on work progress. Keeping your plans visible to your entire team is a breeze with Wrike, with a complete project overview on milestones and task details.

View real-time updates from the Activity Stream. You can even filter updates by a specific project. Monitor overload with a workload management chart and make adjustments accordingly. Teams can store documents at one place and edit or download them directly. It is even possible to view the same file in different versions.

Cons: The application does not offer progress reports, which can make things difficult for professionals.

  1. Zoho

The cloud-based project management software Zoho is a handy work collaboration tool. As a task management tool, Zoho makes it easier for users to organize tasks into a list, so they can be completed as per the timeline. Glance at the entire project under way as a project plan and coordinator, right from start to finish.

Zoho comes with some advance features, such as reporting, bug tracking, integration with Google Apps, Github, and Dropbox. It is easier to set up Wiki Pages with Zoho, which makes it a handy tool to build a repository of information.

The billing tool provides real-time data on the cost and time spent on a specific task.

Cons: It is a highly reliable tool to manage projects, though it is a little too complicated for beginners.

  1. Vorex

It isn’t an average project management software tool. The all-in-one solution is designed to support project management, including customer relationship and invoicing, so you do not need a separate tool for each function. Tracking time and expenses is easy with Vorex. Automate invoices, set a payment schedule, generate quotes, collect leads, and accurately track the lead conversion progress with the user-friendly, intuitive application.

The staffing feature matches staff skills with task requirements, thus ensuring optimized allocation of resources. Vorex allows project billing based on milestone completion and supports project forecasting so you can make better plans.

Cons: The application is not compatible with third party CRM or business management software.

  1. Clarizen

The web-based project management software is your ultimate tool to manage different projects, budgets, resources, and tasks. The user-friendly, intuitive, and cost-effective user interface helps project managers and teams have better working experience with a focus on increasing productivity and profitability.

Being a cloud-based solution, Clarizen is always up to date and allows for seamless collaboration, integration, and communication among teams, enabling them to share notes, documents, and discussions. It offers Project Mail feature, so that team members can update their progress directly by email, without having to log into the interface.

Cons:  The application is not available on-premise, and users can access Clarizen in the cloud.

  1. DevPlanner

What do you need in a reliable project management software solution? Well, you need a solution for day planning, project planning, budget planning, and team planning. DevPlanner comes with unique capabilities that promise you all this.

Designed as a viable project management solution for businesses of all sizes, DevPlanner comes with capabilities that make it easier for users to track expenses, forecast budget, prioritize tasks, set priorities, schedules & deadlines, and allocate resources, among others.

The application allows you to track time spent on every task, so you can produce accurate timesheet reports accordingly. DevPlanner comes with other important capabilities to make processes easier, which may include tracking of project hours & staff time, customizable dashboard, creating to-do lists, checking task history, and email notifications.

Cons:  The software is a little complicated for beginners; however, once you get a hang of it, you will find working in the system seamless.

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