5 Business Intelligence Software Alternatives to Qlikview


Data analysis is essential for big companies to understand in real-time how the processes work within their structure. That’s the reason why Business Intelligence Software has become the main tool to obtain valuable information that will make the decision making process easier. For this purpose the Software involved has to grant safety and integrity of data during the collection and analysis events, and provide the users with a rich and clean display of data with easy-to-understand charts and graphics.

qlikviewAnd when it comes to Business Intelligence, Qlikview is an incredibly powerful tool that will really make the difference. It is aimed at pretty much any industry you could imagine and will automatically collect information from pretty much all types of data sources.

This combined with its multi-platform nature (also mobile-ready) and its fully internationalized interface ready to use in different languages, makes Qlikview the competitor to beat (or follow)  for Business Intelligence Software companies.

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However, this is a very competitive sector, and you can find some amazing and feature-rich alternatives to Qlikview that will help your data analysts to discover hidden trends in your business for a better design in the strategies of your company. We at ITQlick want to recommend you to check out these five solutions:

sisense1. Sisense  – The Category Killer

This amazing software brings full power to non-techies and general employees in your company. It is designed with powerful end-to-end technologies that will deliver disparate data united in a central source. The ease of use includes a drag and drop interface that lets you mix different data sources, interactive dashboards and a real-time collaborative frame. All this combined with rich data displays and fast processing for big data queries let Sisense look face-to-face to Qlikview.

pentaho2. Pentaho Business Analytics – Simplified Architecture for Bigger Data

Its architecture has been designed to simplify the intelligence process of big data, providing easy to read reports and forecasts that will convert your data into valuable information. Pentaho is a very powerful engine combined with a multipurpose platform that will integrate perfectly with your existing software. Simple and powerful, a great alternative.

Panorama3. Panorama Necto – Welcome to Business Intelligence 3.0

If your company is used to visual analysis, then Panorama Necto is your way to go. Thanks to its Visual Data Discovery it enables you to create new contextual connections by exploring different data sources, and suggests new insights and multi-layered results thanks to the geo-analytics feature. These are just words, the most amazing part is the look and feel, the unique visualization capabilities that includes customization, infographics … Love at first sight.

birst4. Birst – Contents for Decision Making

Birst is the tool that can finally provide your employees with the information they need to enhance the decision making process. Thanks to the automatization of complex data operations and the fast deployment of this software, shortly after you start using it in your company you will have advanced analytics brought to your employees with plenty of collaborative and distributive options. Fast and efficient, and it gets better than it sounds.

bi3605. BI360 Suite – Intelligence in Your Operations

It is a web and excel based Business Intelligence tool that works with a drag-and-drop interface for a more visual approach to the management of data sources, and that will integrate with your ERP Software (especially Microsoft’s). BI360 has four areas for which it provides forecasting and modelling functionality based on the data analysed. Highly recommendable for budgeting purposes.

There are many alternatives to Qlikview that are continuously evolving and offering more updates with newer features, and so there is plenty to choose from. Don’t forget to visit our Business Intelligence Software section, for charts and comparisons between any of the software in the category that will give you a more visual approach to differences between them.

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