5 Cheap Alternatives to Salesforce


According to a Salesforce.com blog, Customer Relationship Management (CRM) can improve sales productivity by 30% if used correctly by an organization. With basic features like account and contact management, lead scoring, and opportunity tracking, providing your team of sales professional with Salesforce’s Sales Cloud at the cost of $65 per user/month can be worth the investment if achieving 30% (or at least close to it) increase in productivity is the guaranteed result.

The increasing demand and growing popularity of Salesforce, a CRM system, among sales professionals, enterprise sales executives, customer sales representatives and freelance sales people looking to start their own retail business put this product on the number one spot of ITQlick Top Sales Automation Product.

But many of our clients are asking: are there any CRM software products that can help my business achieve 30% increase in sales productivity but at a lower cost than Sales Cloud? Our ITQlick team of software researchers have confirmed that there are a handful of CRM software solutions that are as feature-rich as Sales Cloud. Their cost is also more affordable to the average business user.

1. Salesboom Cloud CRM

Salesboom.com is one of Saleforce.com’s ultimate competitors in the CRM business sector. In fact, the company itself is showing aggressiveness in proving to the market that their cloud-based CRM solution is not only better in pricing but also the leading choice for thousands of companies worldwide.

Salesboom Cloud CRM is available on Team, Professional and Enterprise editions. The price of the Team edition startsat $14.7 per user/month (with a minimum requirement of 3 users). Our slight comparison reveals that Salesboom’s Team edition is available for 30 days free trial while Salesforce’s Sales Cloud Group Edition is available only for 14 days.


2. JobNimbus – CRM

If you want to increase your productivity and profitability with zero investment, go with JobNimbus – CRM. JobNimbus is not only CRM in the cloud. It is also a Project Management software solution that is powerful and easy to use. The Personal Edition, which is totally free, is consisting of core features like contact management, job/project management and task management.

If you upgrade to the Professional Edition, which starts at $25 per user/month (for unlimited users), chances are great that your sales team can improve its daily sales productivity. That’s because of useful features like lead management, automation workflow, and estimating and invoicing.


3. Active Campaign

If your sales team wants to focus more on marketing campaigns and leads conversion, consider investing on Active Campaign. This solution has been known for more than a decade as a reliable email marketing, marketing automation and sales and CRM solution for businesses of all sizes. At $9 per 3 users/month and with no contract and setup fees involved, Active Campaign can be the right alternative to Salesforce for you.


4. PlanPlus Online

This CRM Software product is being used by millions of sales professionals since 1997. Based on our research, companies find PlanPlus Online to be a great software partner for planning and productivity because of its wide array of planning tools, efficient calendaring system, and highly effective task management and delegation modules.

Whether you are selling independently or as member of a sales unit in a company, there is a right PlanPlus plan for you. The Personal Plan is available at $69.99 per user/year while the Business Plan starts at $199.99 per 5 users/month.


5. ProsperWorks CRM Software

ProsperWorks is a Google for Work Partner and that means you can easily integrate this software with your Gmail. The core strength of this CRM solution is its advanced capability in handling customer data. With Automatic Customer Research feature, you can instantly find the complete profile of your customers.

That means less time in knowing which customers are with open sales opportunities and which are the newly registered leads. You can get this smart, simple and affordable CRM solution for as low as $19 per user/month.

Whether it’s cheap or not, just tell us your budget and we will find the right CRM for you and your business. Moreover, our software experts can also guide you in every stage of the buying process.