5 CRM Solutions for Construction Companies & Home Builders

A customer relationship management (CRM) system is designed to organize your contact lists, which include customers and prospects, among other connections. It enables you to prioritize leads, track sales pipelines, and send messages to your database. With the right CRM tool, you can get an accurate picture of the leads in your sales funnel. The best CRM solution for construction companies should track all of their sales activities, help monitor relationships with leads, and organize and run effective marketing campaigns.

1. BuilderTrend

An easy-to-use homebuilder CRM solution, BuilderTrend is a full suite of customer management, project management, project scheduling, and service management functionalities. The user-friendly CRM solution facilitates purchase order management, budgeting, bid management, scheduling, change order management, daily logs, photo and document management, and warranty administration.

The web-based software can run seamlessly on Windows and Mac, with anytime anywhere access to data centralized at one location.

Cons: Sometimes the pages are slow to load, which can be a frustrating experience when you have to frequently move between pages. However, this doesn’t make the system less useful.

2. Co-Construct

The collaborative CRM tool is designed to enable dynamic, interactive communication within the organization. Designed especially for custom builders and remodelers, Co-Construct is a web-based solution that does not require any hardware investment for implementation. The easy-to-use CRM for construction companies seamlessly integrates with QuickBooks and Xero Accounting systems.

The tool is packed with features to streamline communication within the organization and create dependencies and lead times. The drag-and-drop grant view is another feather in the cap of Co-Construct, making it easy for users to learn the features of this dynamic system.

Cons: The system could be made a little more user-friendly, as there are multiple places to write, which makes things confusing. Users may find it hard to trace what they have written.

3. InfusionSoft

With robust CRM functionality, InfusionSoft is a full suite of features that allow you to streamline sales, automate fulfillment, close more deals, and get repeat customers. An extremely easy-to-use system, InfusionSoft enables users to collect, find, and use different types of information in one place.

Its concise personalized tutorials make the learning curve really short and enjoyable. The modern user interface is packed with features that enable easy customization of the navigation menu. The drag-and-drop feature makes the system more user-friendly. The landing page builder is a feature that gives this homebuilder CRM tool an edge over much similar software available in the market.

Cons: The software requires a working Internet connection all the time, which means it cannot run in the event you have to move to an area with a bad connection or are traveling. However, this doesn’t make the web-based tool any less useful.

4. Microsoft Dynamics

With a multi-talent architecture, Microsoft Dynamics CRM is designed with strong capabilities in customer service, customer data management, sales force automation, and marketing automation, customer service. The CRM for construction companies features custom dashboards that offer better visualization.

The feature-rich product offers the flexibility to integrate the system with existing software and import data in any field in the customer profile. Exporting data to excel is a breeze with the system. Moreover, it is possible to create cases automatically from email or social networks.

Cons: The learning curve is steep, which makes it hard for a typical salesperson to use the system. The user guide can come to your rescue in understanding the diverse functionalities and features of this CRM system.

5. UDA Construction Online

Designed for startup construction companies, UDA facilitates scheduling, budgeting, order changing, client selection, and calendar, helping you stay informed of all project changes and updates. The innovative homebuilder CRM features Gantt Chart Style schedules, photo management, document control, cost management, contact management, and custom buyer portals.

An easy-to-use, configure, and customize web-based product, UDA works well on Mac and Android. The feature-rich product is like a digital personal assistant for small-to-medium-sized businesses, custom homebuilders, residential remodelers, and real estate developers.

Cons: Automated updates often result in the deactivation or modification of some features, which makes it hard for a beginner to figure out what’s happening. However, learning the system is a breeze, so this does not have much impact on your processes.

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