5 CRM Solutions for Healthcare Companies


Today, healthcare organizations are facing immense challenges in patient care. The need of the hour is a healthcare software solution that connects processes, devices, records, and conversations, making collaboration easier than ever and improving patient care and satisfaction.

In the healthcare industry, CRM is focused on automating information management and customer experience, making it easier for health professionals to manage communication among medicine specialists, physicians, and health departments and thus helping improve patient care and experience.

1. Salesforce

A fully integrated CRM system, Salesforce establishes an interconnected platform for patients, devices, data, and facilities. In the healthcare industry, you can use Salesforce for marketing to patients and referral generation from facilities, doctors, and patients.

With its broad suite of CRM apps, the data-driven product helps you collect all the data with a focus on sales and support.  The flexible and scalable solution has sales management, partnership management, and marketing automation capabilities, helping track sales leads, increase engagement with at-home patients, and deliver optimized healthcare.

Cons: The system does not allow mass customization, which means you cannot create custom field for multiple objects.

2. Act-On

With its full suite of marketing automation features, Act-On consolidates disparate marketing tools and captures insight, data, and information from all digital channels. All of the data is consolidated into a single platform, helping you scale your efforts across channels, understand your audience, communicate with them, and measure results in real time. The robust, scalable, easy-to-use system offers effective site tracking, giving you complete visibility into the type of website visitors.

Cons:  There is a deep learning curve when it comes to using Act-On. But once you get a knack of the system, it becomes super easy to navigate and use.

3. Zendesk

The innovative CRM healthcare tool facilitates communication and collaboration between patients and medical facilities, doctors, and staff across multiple technology channels. The easy-to-use tool is a fully integrated suite of applications and better reporting capabilities.

The enterprise edition of Zendesk extends its reporting capabilities and can be used to create any report you can imagine. The elegantly designed interface is quite simple and user friendly, which makes this tool a preference for startups and small facilities.

Cons: There is some room for improvement in the search functionality, which would make Zendesk a better CRM solution for healthcare.

4. Freshdesk

With a centralized, user-friendly interface, Freshdesk offers multi-channel support, bringing all communication under a single platform, irrespective of the channels where the engagement occurs. The web-based solution helps manage multiple groups and workflows and automates multiple processes, including tracking treatment history, correspondence with insurance agencies, supporting patients, answering their queries, and helps provides hassle-free medical care.

The simple, fun to use CRM healthcare software has the right set of features that integrates a broad range of communication channels and enables your medical admin staff to focus on providing a hassle-free patient experience.

Cons: The addition of a few more built-in reports would make the feature rich, integrated platform even more user friendly.

5. Marketo

Position yourself in the healthcare industry as a leader of choice with this feature-rich CRM software.  Equipped with marketing automation capabilities, Marketo unifies all digital communication channels, facilitating collaboration anywhere.

The web-based marketing and engagement platform, with tightly integrated applications, provides everything you need to grow your business. With its complete suite of features, it is a highly flexible and scalable solution that grows with your business and creates efficient workflows.

The CRM for healthcare application integrates with Salesforce. Report generation is another key feature of the system, providing clear engagement reports prospects have with your business.

Cons: Uploading small lists when the system is running updates can make the entire process extremely slow. But this drawback does not make Marketo any less reliable, since updates are a crucial part of the entire process and additional features to the system.

When it comes to choosing a CRM healthcare solution, you are looking for an easy to use, customize, and integrate system. At ITQlick, we can help you save time and money on researching the right tool for your business. Our highly trained software professionals can find the top CRM solutions for healthcare companies that fits the exact needs.