5 Data Management Software SMBs Should Consider as their Data Partner


SMBs, let’s talk about your business data. Data integration, data governance, database management systems, data warehousing and enterprise information management; these are the key components of Data Management Software that have something to do with your business data.

With constant innovations (add to that the marketing hypes) going on in the tech industry, new terms and processes evolve in Data Management making this technology a little bit complicated to understand for some. Well, the truth is that this emerging software market is really huge and complex.

Study shows that while many large companies can easily become accustomed with the emerging trends, some small and medium companies are still indecisive and reluctant in trying newer technologies that are designed to manage their business data.

With latest software trends like cloud-based integration, Logical Data Warehousing (LDW) and Big Data support, SMBs definitely need a helping hand for them to understand better the big potential in their business data.

SMBs, time to move out of your comfort zone. Now it’s time to leverage Data Management Software technology. We’re here to help!

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In its broadest sense, Data Management is about transforming, integrating, governing and securing data into a valuable business asset. In a recent report released by the technology firm Gartner, it was highlighted that “data integration” is central to every enterprise’s information structure.

In another report published by the research group Forrester, analysts identified that “data governance” help businesses realize the value potential in their data relative to their strategy and operations.

The question now is which Data Management Software partner could offer the optimal functions, performance and scalability in your business? Don’t worry. We’ve got you covered on that. Here’s ITQlick Top 5 List for you to consider.

Oracle API Gateway is a product from Oracle’s Identity Management Solutions that offers standards-based, policy-driven, standalone API Security and Management solution. Why SMBs should consider this as their partner?

First, this access management software offers data governance features that enable organizations to securely and rapidly adopt cloud, mobile and Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) services. Second, whatever that type of data is, Oracle API Gateway significantly offers lower integration costs, lower TCO, and less deployment risks.

Best of all, it bridges the gaps and manage the interactions between all your relevant management systems.

oracle api gateway

Arcsight Logger is a Universal Log Management solution that unifies searching, reporting, alerting and analysis across any type of enterprise log data. It has the unique capability to collect, analyze and store massive amounts of data generated by modern networks which in turn aids in the faster analysis of IT operations, application development, and cyber security issues.

Aside from being a universal solution, what makes Arcsight Logger a good partner for SMBs is that it can be deployed as an appliance and as software. That being said means great scalability. You can invest on a small software solution and expand on enterprise-class log management solution as your business expands.

arcsight logger

CentraSite’s Active SOA 8 Solution is an SOA metadata registry and repository with full governance and life cycle management capabilities. It gives organization, particularly business analysts and developers, a single place to store, find and re-use service and process assets such as XML schemas and business rules.

SMBs should consider CentraSite as their partner because it eliminates rework, assures consistent quality and keeps services and assets aligned with their business needs – faster and at a lesser cost. In fact, to explore its basic capabilities, you can download for free the Community Edition of CentraSite before advancing to the Active SOA 8 edition.

Moreover, CentraSite has been known for years as a little structure with long lasting benefits. It’s worthwhile for SMBs to give it a try.


Storage Essentials is a storage resource management solution from HP that helps you reduce total costs of storage operations and increase overall productivity.

By using Storage Essentials, you can leverage existing heterogeneous physical and virtual storage investments, centralize usage policies and reporting, trend historical data, forecast future requirements, and ensure that your storage investments are in sync with overall performance objectives and business strategies.

Why is this suited for SMBs? First, that’s because this is a storage solution in the cloud – no investment needed on hardware infrastructure. Second, this offers excellent functionality. It allows businesses to effectively and efficiently manage their applications, virtual and physical servers, networking devices, desktops, and storage infrastructure.

storage essentials

Endeca Information Discovery platform is another product from Oracle that offers a complete solution for agile data discovery and framework of data governance and standards across the enterprise, thus empowering business user independence in balance with IT governance.

We recommend Endeca to SMBs because of its enterprise self-service discovery capabilities for business users. Business users can now build new discovery applications in minutes without depending on their IT. It also allows them to easily make information-based business decisions with greater success, safety and confidence.

Other key functionalities of Endeca that makes it a good partner for SMBs are robust data integration and deep text analytics.


Just like what Gartner and Forrester are also stating on their reports, helping enterprise architecture professionals select the right partner to meet their data integration and governance needs will enable them to easily understand and adopt the emerging technology trends in data management.

With these 5 Data Management Software solutions that we just presented, hope that you’re now in the right track in finding the right data partner for your business.

SMBs, we’re here to help you more! To get to know more the latest Data Management Software in the market today, check these Top 20 Data Management Products.