5 Easiest to Use Accounting Solutions


As a business, you do not want to be inundated with crunching numbers, invoices, taxes, financial transactions, and payroll processing. It is here that the right accounting solutions can come to your rescue and get the job done for you, helping you make your business more productive and reducing manual efforts.

1. Intacct

A cloud-computing financial accounting platform, Intacct comes with a broad set of functionality that makes accounting a hassle-free task. Designed with a focus to improve efficiency and performance of the financial department, the Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) application can support core accounting, project accounting, order and billing, revenue management, time and expenses, purchasing, financial reporting, and multi-currency management. The easy-to-use Intacct accounting solution can benefit companies of varied sizes and industry verticals to improve performance, manage finances, optimize cash management, reduce operational cost, and increase business value.

Cons: It is available as a cloud-based solution alone. The application does not support core accounting solutions, such as depreciation and audit trail.

2. BillQuick

Available as a cloud service, self-hosted, or stand-alone solution, BillQuick is designed as a full-proof business& project accounting, project management system that supports a range of industry verticals. It is a scalable, highly customizable, and flexible system that integrates seamlessly with third-party applications, including existing accounting solutions. On top of it, the application comes with inbuilt templates that make invoicing and reporting easier. The customer service is prompt and easily accessible.

Cons: The company rolls out new versions every year, which may make things confusing for new users. Otherwise it is an intuitive application that is fairly easy to use.

3. Xero

The cloud-based accounting solution, Xero offers instant visibility into your business accounts and financial position. It is easy to access anywhere anytime. The application automates the task of importing and coding bank transactions. Online bill pay feature is designed to help you keep track of expenditure, outstanding bills, and critical business inventory. With support for different third-party applications, the accounting software can be easily integrated with existing in-house software.

Cons: This is the best accounting solution for small businesses, but for large enterprises, there may be some limitations on project accounting, fixed assets, and budgeting.

4. Microsoft Dynamics GP

A user-friendly financial accounting system, Microsoft Dynamics GP is tailored for businesses of all sizes and types. The application has a wide functionality and is designed as a comprehensive business management solution to enable organizations to efficiently manage their financial activities. The highly functional and customizable tool integrates with Sharepoint and MOSS, besides other Microsoft Office applications. The comprehensive solution is designed with financial management, business intelligence, IT management, supply chain management, human resource management, manufacturing planning, and collaboration capabilities to offer a variety of functions and maximize business efficiency and profits.

Cons:  Though the system is quite simple to use, new users may find it a bit confusing to create smart lists.

5. Sage300

A comprehensive enterprise resource planning solution, Sage 300 features HR & payroll, sales & customer management, accounting, supply chain, projects & service management, and vendor management capabilities. Designed as an application to improve working efficiency of businesses, Sage 300 helps organizations better monitor their accounting & financial activity. The application is designed with a business intelligence suite that improves its reporting capabilities. The product also supports workflow automation and features collaboration tools that help organizations make better business decisions. It comes with multi-currency, multi-language, and multi-location capabilities. The highly intuitive and scalable accounting solution can be scaled to customer needs.

Cons: The application can be expensive for start-ups, with one-time payment package starting from $150/month.

Accounting software solutions can prove to be an asset for businesses. The right product can be the difference between an efficiently managed financial & accounting department. If you are looking for an easy-to-use accounting program that can make managing accounts really simple for you, come in touch with ITQlick experts. We pride ourselves on having helped thousands of businesses choose the right product for their organizations to boost their bottom line, reduce expenses, and better manage finances.