5 Innovative Patient Appointment Scheduling Software

Patient scheduling is an integral element of the routine work of medical professionals. With the availability of innovative computerized scheduling software, it has become easier than ever to reduce no-shows and book complex medical appointments.

Online scheduling enables you to manage your patient appointments seamlessly and hassle-free for a more efficient medical practice. Whether you run a large clinic or family practice or hospital, online medical scheduling simplifies appointment schedules and patient records for medical office staff.

1. NueMD

The cloud-based appointment scheduling system is easy to use and access anywhere anytime. With robust scheduling capabilities, the software can handle multiple appointments for multi-physician, and multi-office schedules, helping reduce the no-show rate.

The user-friendly system enables manual or automated tracking of appointment confirmations. NueMD comes complete with an integrated automated telephone appointment reminder service that helps bring reports directly to your desktop. It is even possible to color code your settings, helping you easily identify reports.

Cons: There is no cut and paste feature in the appointment screen, which could make things simpler. But this one drawback does not belittle the entire system.

2. Kareo

With an intuitive interface, Kareo is an easy-to-use computerized patient appointment scheduling software that is designed to streamline overall office functions and help you focus on patient care while the innovative tool takes care of everything else.

The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA)-compliant software ensures the privacy of patient information. The software offers customizable encounter forms, allowing the inclusion of the most frequently used codes in your practice for easy charting.

The software can be easily integrated with other electronic medical records systems, helping confirm insurance, schedule patients, store patient data, manage delinquent accounts, and develop customized reports.

Cons: Adding new insurance carriers can be confusing, but the customer support team is always available to respond to queries and issues troubling you, so you never have to wait much.

3. Medios EHR

A web-based medical appointment scheduling, Medios HER enables you secure access to patient records on a range of browsers and devices. The software comes integrated with communication portals that help healthcare professionals easily contact patients and other third-party providers.

Medios provides fully customizable features to deliver the best solution while facilitating implementation. The integrated meaningful use dashboard is designed to ensure your practice’s compliance with ONC standards.

The system is routinely updated for compliance. Its document management system organizes documentation while directly receiving faxes and lab results.

Cons: Document shifting in charts may be a problem initially. But with practice, it is easy to use and gets better.

4. Eclipse

With an intuitive interface, the online appointment scheduling software is certified as a Complete EHR by ONC-ATCB.  The user-friendly software features EHR, a comprehensive alerts system, daily notes, security features, electronic claims & remittances, and patient data access tracking.

The ability to navigate between screens makes Eclipse another feature that makes it widely popular with healthcare facilities. The software makes scheduling and billing hassle free, helping you quickly bill the whole practice electronically.

Cons: The program does not offer a great deal of stunning graphics, but the drawback is overcome by the system’s robustness and customization capability.

5. WebPT

Designed especially for rehab therapists, the computerized patient scheduling system allows you easy access to medical records anywhere, anytime. The therapy-centric design makes the system intuitive and user-friendly, which enables seamless documentation, billing, and scheduling, without having to worry about any hardware installation or upgrades.

Additionally, the medical appointment scheduling software features automated appointment reminders, a multi-user scheduler, and an external document uploader. WebPT is a comprehensive suite of reporting tools that keeps a track of almost every task, from staff productivity to lost patients and appointment cancellations.

Besides, it comes complete with an integrated Billing Service that ensures accurate claims submission and processing and maximum reimbursements.

Cons: Some important features are available for a price, which adds to the overall cost of the system. However, one drawback does not make this patient scheduling system any less effective.

If you are looking for recommendations for a reliable appointment scheduling system, please get in touch with the ITQlick experts. We will make the task easier and hassle-free for you.

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