5 Mistakes to Avoid When Choosing Field Service Software

Looking for an ultimate field service software solution to maximize field service operations and create an unmatched experience for customers. With their functionality, convenience, and mobility, these tools provide end-to-end management of field service and workforce operations, including work orders, dispatch, scheduling, invoices, and asset management. Here are some of the top field service software mistakes most businesses make:

1. ROI Blindness

Buying a software solution merely on the basis of the tall claims made by vendors that promise an overwhelming return is the most common mistake made by some executives during the selection of software for field service operations. They often forget to take into account the time their staff must spend to install, analyze, learn, and adjust to the new software. This loss of rational judgment causes them frustration and costly losses later. Explore and compare all of your options while paying attention to the training required by your staff before you can start deriving the best returns from the software.

2. Not Identifying Exact Business Needs

The main function of this software is to automate manual tasks and enhance efficiency. However, with an overwhelming number of features available, it is hard to choose a software tool unless you identify the problem for which you need the solution.

Of course, you do not want to end up buying an application that includes redundant flashy features, thus wasting your time and resources on a solution that doesn’t work for you. It will help to determine your needs and create a list of must-haves before making the purchase.

Moreover, it is important that the system is intuitive, easy to use, and minimalist. The software should enable all members from the different levels of your company hierarchy to seamlessly use the reporting features and update information.

3. Ignoring cloud-based solution

Cloud-based solutions are designed to offer users convenience and freedom, without having to bear the additional cost of installation and infrastructure. With such field service software solutions, it is possible to access, upload, or download information and reports from virtually any location with Internet access. Such features are required for field service operations to increase accountability and enhance productivity.

4. Not planning for integration

Before choosing field service software, it is crucial to check whether the new system can integrate with your existing database. Ignoring this important aspect and choosing a system that does not integrate with your present order processing or inventory tracking solutions can prove to be a blunder.

The best platforms are designed to integrate with current systems. So it is important to talk to the vendor about the integration feature and make it clear that there cannot be any compromise on this aspect. The type of degree of integration of the system with CRM, ERP, or accounting system is a crucial determining factor that must not be ignored when selecting a field service solution.  The integration allows users to implement the solution quickly and thus boost productivity, optimize operations, generate more revenue, and maximize returns.

5. Ignoring business intelligence capabilities

One of the major field service software selection mistakes made by enterprises is to ignore the business intelligence capabilities of the system. The best software enables access to an array of intelligence options.  Reporting holds the key to maximizing returns from a field service management system.  A system that does not provide real-time data of the different teams working in your enterprise isn’t of much use.

Does the system enable you to generate quotes and work orders, create invoices, or update the work order status in real-time? How effective it is in scheduling and dispatch? Does it allow monitoring of each work order and staff member in real-time?  Does it facilitate the task of assigning work orders to individuals or groups with a click from the work order?

When it comes to choosing field service software solutions, you cannot ignore reporting, additional analytics, and intelligence features. Make sure the tool you choose facilitates performance and inventory management and makes it seamless to understand intelligence reporting.

Still, wondering how to choose field service software for your business? Worry not! ITQlick prides itself on our experience of researching the best tools available in the market to help you save time, money, and resources. Grow your business with the best software recommendations from our team of experts.

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