5 Things to Have in Mind When Choosing IT Management Software

In the business culture we put into the same basket quite a few different services under the IT Management label. The choice of the right IT Management software is a very important one, as most companies stick to the same solutions for long periods of time, and that is why we on ITQlick want to provide you with some tips and hints to choose wisely:

pyramid1. Identify the real needs of your business 

Unless you have a small business running on a small local network, for most cases a multi-purpose solution is probably not the best choice because each area in IT Management implies a lot of specialization. If you want to set up a Helpdesk service the technical requirements won’t be the same as for a Remote Support system, despite all similarities that we may find between both. That is why specific software is more efficient for IT Management than multi-purpose suites.

Cloud computing concept.2. Define your IT infrastructure to ensure technical compatibility 

This may seem too much work for the outcome, but is the key to find the best software according to your technical needs. Not only for the inmediate needs because as it will be available on a standardized format, it will provide guidance and essential information in order to modify or include new services in your IT infrastructure.

Once your company has defined the IT infrastructure in a standardized library (ITIL), you will be in a position to choose the software that adapts not only to your business needs, but also (and even more important) to the technological features and requirements of your company.

Like3. Trust what has worked best for others before you

This is probably one of the most difficult tips, but it can be really productive. When you consider the purchase of new IT software, and after the first steps as defined above, it is a good idea finding case studies in order to obtain firsthand information.

When big players in your industry trust one particular software, it is probably a good sign to follow. However, and due to the lack of information of this type mostly for security reasons, the results for this research can’t be taken as a standalone factor.

Shining light bulb icon4. Ensure your IT department has a solid knowledge of the software you choose

As basic as this may sound, IT Management software is going to be the main tool for your IT department to smoothly solve issues and errors in the daily functioning of your business. This means the software chosen and the expertise of the people who will use it will have a direct effect on productivity.

That is why you need to ensure that your IT team can efficiently manage the software you have chosen. Otherwise, you may have to consider training for your personnel, and this will definitely increase the final bill.

protect red web glossy icon5. Always keep in mind security is essential

All the tips above are important, but this one is the main of them all. Security is the Holy Grial for IT Management tools because any breach can lead to huge losses and years of hard work to recover credibility in the markets. That’s what happened to Target Corporation in 2013, when a misuse of their IT Management tools led to the exposure of millions of customer’s data such as addresses and credit cards.

They had state of the art software, but their IT team ignored an alert when it spotted a malware infection. As a result millions of dollars of losses, including the purchase of the software itself.

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