5 VoIP Solutions that Will Upgrade Your Communication System


“Hello. We’re calling your attention to talk about VoIP…”

A Little Bit of Telephone History

Rotary, handset, series of loud rings, a telephone directory; those we’re the old days of telephony when companies are still using conventional PBX telephone systems – 1800s. Let’s fast-forward it a bit. Dial those numbers and once you hear the beep, you can leave a message. That’s recording a voice mail using digital handset connected to the PSTN line – started way back 1950s. Let’s do one more fast-forward. “Call me on Skype”. Now that’s calling using a VoIP app connected to a SIP-enabled IP PBX system – 21st century.

What we’ve just introduced to you is the evolution of telephone communication system at glance. You can do your research on those complicated telephony terms and acronyms later. But for now, let’s expand more this conversation on VoIP systems. You’re a business owner or a corporate executive and we understand that your focus right now is all about growing your business. If part of your growth plan is to upgrade your business communication system, then you’ve just landed on the right page. We’re here to expand your ideas more about modern telephony, particularly VoIP, short for Voice over Internet Protocol.

Tired of call drops and hang ups? Time to upgrade your system.

Let’s face it. If your every phone call is already getting expensive, always getting interrupted, takes longer time to connect, can’t connect more often, or you’re tired of dialling those IDD numbers over and over again, don’t call the service tech to fix your trunk line or ask your customer service rep to make those calls for you. Something is wrong with your business phone system and if you want to stay connected with the rest of the world, you only have two options: upgrade it or totally replace it.

Poor communication system needs to be abandoned. It’s about time to evaluate better VoIP solutions in the market. Here are ITQlick’s best recommendations for you.

SMEs, this call is for you.

VoIP with forty calling features; yes, you read that right, “forty”. These are the features Vonage Business Solutions has for you. When we got the chance to see the brochure of this VoIP product, we find it pretty impressive. Why? It’s because their pricing plans are just right considering the included features, add-ons and desktop plug-ins. If you want to have big business presence on a small business budget, go with Vonage Business Solutions.


If you have this app on your laptop, tablet or mobile phone, you’re not only a fan of instant messaging, but of video calling too. There is “no emergency call with Skype” but Skype has more features than you think and that’s what makes this VoIP solution very popular. With Skype, you can talk to anyone in the world provided that they’re in your Skype contact list. Now if you want Skype to fully work for your business (that’s by calling mobiles and landlines worldwide), then buy Skype credits or go for the monthly subscription package. Skype is for everybody; for your business or personal use.


Let’s bring this talk to next level. The first two VoIP solutions are best suited for SMEs. This time, let’s explore the popular solutions for multinational enterprises (MNEs) like BPO Call Centers and Mobile Service Providers. Executives working for MNEs, your significant investment on any of these three VoIP solutions is about to change the way you communicate with clients.

MNEs, take this big call. It’s for you.

Unified Communication (UC) is what the creator of Switchvox, Digium Inc., has to offer to business of all sizes. They have the cloud, on-premise, mobile, hybrid VoIP and IP PBX solutions that are about change the way your business communicates. By upgrading your legacy phone system with Switchvox UC Solutions, you are certainly bringing your business to the next level.


Are you looking for a business VoIP phone system with advanced analytics? If yes, then here is ShoreTel Sky all-in-one cloud solution. With “Prioritized Skill Routing” feature, this VoIP solution is perfect for Contact or Call Center businesses. It is also a VoIP solution powered by real-time dashboards and reports. There is more. ShoreTel Sky is also known for introducing Unified Communications-as-a-Service (UCaaS) to the market.


Thinking of a smarter move in upgrading your communication system to international scale? Then here is Syniverse Prime IPX Solution for your global roaming and data connectivity requirements. Syniverse Prime is an end-to-end VoIP solution for mobile network operators. If you will spend more time understanding their Packet Voice Interworking and Diameter Signalling Service, you’ll definitely understand why Syniverse is the answer to your long-time search for a reliable IP-based business phone system.


Time to end irritating phone calls. Invest on VoIP.

Gone are the days of manual switching. And if it’s about 21st century business communication, dialling those IDD numbers is soon to pace out too. Technology behind business phone systems is evolving and your business also has to. With VoIP systems now accessible on mobile devices, don’t let those irritating phone calls ever happen again. Communication is your business’ primary bridge to your stakeholders. If you think it’s already choppy, always returns a busy tone, and ruins your video conference calls without warnings, it’s about time to upgrade your communication system.

You already have five options. Need more options? Then check these Top 8 VoIP products on our ITQlick website. Thank you for taking our call.