Allscripts Vs. Epic

Looking for a true enterprise solution that simplifies administration and ensures cost-effective growth? Let’s compare Allscripts Vs. Epic, which are dominant in the EHR industry to see which one better fits your specific needs.

A patient portal is designed to provide a secure medium for virtual interaction between patients and care providers.

It is here that patients can view and update medical records, access health education information, schedule appointments, communicate with healthcare providers, and check prescription refills.

When it comes to selecting an EHR, you want a solution that works the way you do and think the same way you think. So it is always better to research well and look for a secure, user friendly tool that can facilitate patient engagement and fulfill your objective of patient care.

Differentiate Between Allscripts and Epic

Installation and implementation – Allscripts Vs. Epic

Epic is an easy-to-use EHR, which is designed to enhance the patient’s experience. When it comes to usage, the software is rated as the top EHR and has been gaining wide popularity among large-scale enterprises. It enjoys a larger market share than Allscripts.

Allscripts is designed for clinicians, so they can offer the best clinical decision support at the point of care. However, it is not ranked as high as Epic in terms of ease of use. Although the software enjoyed a second place in 2012 as a valued clinical tool, it has lost its spot and dropped out of the small practice market.

However, Allscripts has been making strides to offer improved EHR usability options to make it easier for users to offer clinical care. Recently, Allscripts came up with a web-based machine learning EHR that focuses on reducing documentation time and boosting the EHR usability.

With the new technology, Allscripts’ objective is to make it seamless for physicians to focus on patient care, without worrying about anything else.

Features – Allscripts Vs. Epic

Epic still needs to build genomics applications, compared to Allscripts that has a fully owned subsidiary that harnesses the power of genomics and precision medicine and brings them to clinical workflow. To add the functionality, Epic needs to connect using an API for users.

Ease of integration – Allscripts Vs. Epic

For large vendors, Epic is a highly useful EHR that is easy to integrate; however, small vendors rate it poorly. Allscripts is one of the favorite APIs for smaller vendors.

Interoperability – Allscripts Vs. Epic

When it comes to delivering value-based care, Epic has achieved excellence in terms of interoperability with a higher product satisfaction rate.

Epic enjoys a coveted place in the EHR world that makes data exchange and collaboration easier for health care providers. Epic integrates its EHR product offerings into a single network for the ease of data exchange between users.

With Epic, you have the advantage of embedded health information exchange with other Epic users. After the quick verification, sharing begins immediately.

However, plug-and-play patient health record exchange feature is not an offering of Allscripts. Additionally, it does not share through common networks and is still in the planning stages to make sharing seamless among networks.  In order to benefit from embedded sharing, Allscripts users must invest in or subscribe to the dbMotion product.

Epic users require no real effort or money to share EHRs. On the other hand, Allscripts delivers interoperability that requires time, efforts, and investment.

Vendor Support – Allscripts Vs. Epic

Physicians are dissatisfied with EHRs that are challenging to use and introduce extra workflows. In addition to this, healthcare providers are unhappy with products that increase their administrative burdens and distract them from providing patient care.

Epic gets an edge over Allscripts in terms of user satisfaction and vendor support. However, it does not mean Allscripts does not provide valuable customer and vendor support. It comes a close second to Epic in terms of user satisfaction.

Pricing – Allscripts Vs. Epic

Pricing is available upon request for Epic and Allscripts.

Number of users/customers – Allscripts Vs. Epic

Allscripts has around 40,000 customers, whereas there are about 25,000 Epic customers. More than 300,000 users use Allscripts while 200,000 users are happy with Epic. This shows widespread popularity of Allscripts. However, that does not mean Epic is not a popular medical tool.

Which One To Choose: Allscripts or Epic?

When it comes to choosing an EMR solution, the biggest physician frustration is poor usability. Physicians are also unhappy about the lack of desired functionality that could make patient care easier. So you must look for a tool that can help you live your promise of delivering the best patient care.

Each of the solutions has different features, with one getting an upper hand over another. While both Allscripts and EHR are almost at a par, EHR might just get an edge over the former. However, when it comes to investing in the best EHR, your focus should be on your specific needs.

ITQlick experts recommend choosing a solution that can live up to your expectations and deliver the promise of patient care while reducing administrative tasks. If finding the right tool from Allscripts Vs. Epic is a challenge, let our experts come in.

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