Applicant Tracking in 2020: How Will It Look Like?


The recruiting industry is undergoing a change, with the advent of technological advancements. Sophisticated applicant tracking systems have modified the recruiting environment, requiring recruiters to be on the cutting edge in order to attract the right talent and stay competitive.

The applicant tracking system market is expected to grow impressively by 2020 with innovative upgrades that enable recruiters, managers, and applicants do much more with the software than merely track, store, or manage resumes.

Today, applicant tracking solutions enable applicants to submit their job applications through mobile devices. These systems are redefining the recruitment platform, facilitating interviews through video conferencing, while helping recruiters select the best talent. Additionally, most recruiters leverage the ATS tools to link analytics with sourcing, applicant tracking, and candidate relationship management.

Additionally, innovative upgrades, rising need for cost saving, growing demand for cloud-integrated solutions, and increasing need for strategic hiring decisions are

This only goes to show that the ATS is here to stay.

Resume Parsing

A new addition to the ATS, resume parsing automatically converts a resume document into a structured format, which makes it suitable for easy reporting, storage, and manipulation by a digital system. The ATS uses a complex algorithm to scan resumes from multiple sources to include every single detail, such as e-mails, and shortlist those that meet the job criterion. Parsing is expected to be a star feature on the hat of ATS, which provides better options for organizations.

Cloud Integration

Budgetary constraints are primarily responsible for the rising demand for cloud-based solutions. It is here that cloud-integrated ATS solutions can come in handy and offer cost advantage to organizations, since there is no overhead investment involved in terms of space, power, and cooling as required for on-premises solutions.

Cloud-based applicant tracking solutions allow recruiters to access them from any digital device connected to an Internet, saving time and reducing operating costs otherwise involved in searching for and connecting with candidates. Without a cloud-integrated solution, recruiters would have to spend time dealing with too much of paper work and deleting emails.

With such features, ATS is the choice of small business as well. The demand for ATS will only rise with time, as these tools keep information organized, making them a handy investment for businesses of all sizes.


No doubt the hiring process is one of the most draining activities of all, for it involves checking every minute detail on candidate resume. It is even harder when resumes come flooding through emails, attachments, web forms, or even PDFs. An applicant tracking system helps cut the clutter.  

By 2020, applicant tracking solutions will include customization feature, which will further empower recruiters to design the solution in a way that works best for them. This is how the applicant tracking system look like in 2020, helping you set yourself apart from the competition.

Third Party Integration

Integration with other recruiting tools and third party tool is a crucial feature for the new ATS. This will help improve onboarding process. Not only this, integration with other assessment tools, video interviewing, background checks, job advertising, applicant tracking, and onboarding make your recruitment process faster, easier, and more efficient.

Social Media Integration

Social networks can be used as a candidate hunting ground and social referral platform. The ever-rising popularity of social media makes these platforms an integral part of the recruitment process in the coming years. Social media integration will help you spread the word about job openings in social networks and grab eyeballs of potential candidates.

Additionally, social sharing will further help spread the message. This means the 2020 applicant tracking system should be able to seamlessly integrate with social networks, which act as semantic candidate search tools. This will help you build a valuable talent pool.

Mobile integration

Integration with social media platforms is a feather in the cap of ATS, as this will allow potential candidates to apply while on the go using smartphone and tablet. Most job seekers have access to mobiles and smartphones. The mobile versions of ATS offer greater exposure to your job application, since they reach out to a wider audience or potential candidates. This also helps the software gather candidate information from their existing profiles using mobile applications.

Risk Assessment

Innovation in the field of ATS would include designing solutions with advanced capabilities for better risk assessment. Not only this, efficient operations. Vendors are focusing on technological advances to gain a competitive edge over others, leading to the development of core competencies.

The changing world of recruiting eliminates the paper culture, ensuring a clutter-free environment, with a simplified, complete hiring solution. Applicant tracking solution of 2020 will make it even easier for recruiters to hire talent while facilitating the task of job search for candidates. When looking for an ATS of the future, it is important to search for one that has all the features to make job hunting and recruitment easier.

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