ArchiOffice Vs. Workfront (AtTask)


The right project management solution eases your task of managing projects and people. Whether you are looking for a time tracking, billing, and project management tool or a solution for work management, you may choose either ArchiOffice or Wrokfront. Now you must be wondering which of the two makes a better choice for you. Let’s explore both tools to help you find the best solution for your business.

Overview: ArchiOffice Vs. AtTask

ArchiOffice is a comprehensive project management and time tracking solution that helps users effectively deal with tons of workload.

AtTask is an online enterprise management solution designed for teams to seamlessly collaborate on projects and report all at one place in real time. The AtTask tool integrates social media techniques to engage team in high priority productive activities. Managers can get inputs and reports in real time that they need to optimize resources.

Customers – ArchiOffice Vs. AtTask

ArchiOffice: It is ideally suited for architects, education, retail financial, software development, and interior design firms. The intuitive and streamlined design simplifies management of projects.

Workfront: The application is suited for all types of companies and businesses, though it works best for users that deal with project scope creep. With a simple and intuitive interface, AtTask has a low learning curve and is easier to get started.

Features – ArchiOffice Vs. AtTask

ArchiOffice: An all-in-one project management and time tracking solution, ArchiOffice comes with billing, employee performance tracking, document management, and data exporting capabilities. The scalable solution is easy to upgrade, configure, and downgrade, thus simplifying the user’s workload.

 It comes with a custom dashboard with customized fields, so users can configure the system as per unique business needs.

Constant monitoring of performance indicators is easy with ArchiOffice, which features graphs and tables to visualize project performance.

The system features time and expense management capabilities, which include project task selection, time off tracking, time sheet entry, and billable and non-billable flag, workflow tracking, and project charts, among others.

AtTask: The app is designed to unify data, work processes, and communication and houses the same in the cloud, ensuring ease of access for users and teams working on projects. This ensures that everyone can contribute to the productivity and growth of the company.

Integration with third party apps facilitates communication, collaboration, task management, and progress report sharing. The user-friendly interface gives users access to the current data and project status in real time. Time tracking feature offers better visibility and helps users account for every single minute with detailed descriptions, saving time and effort on repetitive tasks through customized templates.

Cost – ArchiOffice Vs. AtTask

ArchiOffice: A 15-day free trial is available for interested users who want to test the software. The basic plan begins at $14.95/user and enables anytime anywhere access.

Pro plan comes with a range of features. Enterprise plan includes all pro features plus a few more.

WorkFront (AtTask): Pricing plans begin at $360/user per year. The work licenses are designed for teams that need advanced capabilities, including robust work management, flexibility, collaboration, and time tracking features. Plan licenses are available at an annual fee of $720/user for managers that need complete project and portfolio management tool with real-time visibility and control. With this plan, users get access to collaboration features, capacity planning, resource management, and project management capabilities.

Collaboration license is available for an unlimited number of users.

What Solution You should go for?

Are you struggling with managing your projects? Wondering what to do about it? Are you still confused which software ArchiOffice vs Workfront would be the right choice for your business? Well, before you decide on a software solution, it is important to dig deeper into your specific requirements.

Do you require an intuitive app with basic functionalities? Or do you need a project management solution with complex functionalities? Does the software feature particular capabilities that are apt for your industry? Finding answers to these questions will make your task easier to get your hands on a solution matching your exact needs.

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