Asana Top 5 Alternatives (May 2018)

Asana Top 5 Alternatives
Asana Top 5 Alternatives

Asana Top 5 Alternatives (May 2018) – As more and more businesses are realizing the need for the best project management solutions, they are looking for a product with a visually appealing design, user-friendliness, and affordable cost.

Asana is a simple-to-use project management tool, which lacks some necessary professional features. Users seek products with modern design and right collaboration tools that will make things easier for them.

The right design and user experience is critical to determining the performance of a solution. Many users now seek asana competitors that have a simple design and powerful features.

5 Asana Alternatives

  1. ClickUp

Many users are unhappy with Asana over new changes to the tool that come without any warning or update. The system suffers from long downtime for which many users are not too happy about with the project management solution.

So what makes ClickUp different from Asana?

ClickUp is an intuitive all-in-one project management tool that eliminates the need to use more than one application to improve workflow. ClickUp has ensured that some of the problems overlooked by Asana are not repeated here. ClickUp’s multitask toolbar ensures that you can make bulk changes anytime. What’s more, it boasts several features that Asana lacks.

Users can get more creative with super rich editing. The project management solution has scheduled weekly updates so users are aware of them and can get used to ClickUp.

  1. Trello

Another Asana alternative, Trello uses categorized tasks to bring transparency to a project. Some of the top features that give Trello an upper hand over Asana are its to-do-lists – with its comprehensive clean free-flowing interface.

With Trello, users can seamlessly review projects. It’s even easier to collaborate in real-time that sets Trello apart from Asana and ensures better task management. Trello comes with such features as permissions at the board level.

The solution has the capability to assign multiple team members to each card. Users can subscribe to a card to get progress notifications. When you are using Trello, you can get constant updates through activity log, task lists, and email notifications, so you know what’s going on in each project.

Additional features include customizable permissions, unlimited file attachments, templates for similar tasks, and the ability to copy boards. Users find the Card Aging Power-Up feature as one of the best features for this solution that enables them to effortlessly manage projects. What’s so special about it? Well, a list of cards that have been touched is displayed in an instant before users!

  1. Teamwork

When it comes to using Teamwork, the first thing that gives it an edge over Asana is its being intuitive. The project management solution is easy to get started. As a leading Asana alternative, Teamwork is one of the simplest project management solutions available, without a long onboarding process.

The tool enables users to customize their accounts. Not only this, unlike Asana’s update feature, which is unscheduled, Teamwork allows users to track update schedules and observe team’s availability and progress.

Additionally, users find Teamwork as a highly intuitive platform with a lot of features and tools that Asana lacks, including milestones, multiple assignees on projects, Gantt charts, and file uploads.

  1. Wrike

Wrike features more sophisticated tools than Asana. Some of the key features that Wrike boasts as an Asana alternative include workflow management, resource management, reporting, and statistics. There are project budgeting tools available with Wrike. Users can even access planning tools. With Wrike, users can effortlessly prioritize tasks, monitoring real-time updates, and provide feedback on time.

When it comes to comparing the interface, Wrike is more function-centric while Asana has a visually appealing dashboard. Wrike’s three-pane view makes it appear more technical.

However, it is as intuitive as Asana and simple to use. Additionally, users can keep plans visible to the whole team, add milestones, overview projects in an instant, create task dependencies, and create an interactive Gantt chart.

  1. Clarizen

Clarizen leads as an Asana competitor in terms of more sophisticated tools. Some of the features that give Clarizen an edge over Asana are portfolio management, risk management, resource management, budget forecasting, and billable/non-billable items.

Users love the project management solution for its end-to-end dashboards. The software makes reporting a breeze and features advanced tools that enable users to incorporate due dates, milestones, and deliverables in a jiffy.

Are you still looking for Asana alternatives? Does the number of project management solutions overwhelm you? Is it a challenge to pick the right solution? Well, with the right team of software experts, the task can get easier.

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