Athenahealth Vs. eClinicalWorks

If you are looking to improve the clinical control of your medical practice while boosting work efficiency, you might want to consider Athenahealth Vs. eClinicalWorks.

Perhaps you have been unhappy with your previous EHR for poor clinical integration, usability issues, and problematic care coordination and do not want to put your money in another burdensome, clunky EHR. Of course, you seek a tool that is user-friendly upon which you may depend in your ambulatory space.

So you might want to compare the two leading EHRs – Athenahealth Vs. eClinicalWorks – to see which one better fits your specific needs.

Compare Athenahealth Vs. eClinicalWorks

Implementation and installation

With eClinicalWorks, implementation is a breeze, and users do not have to worry about installation and integration of the EHR with the existing tool. Immediate access to eClinicalWorks ensures that clinicians can make quick clinical decisions.

The EHR implementation is easy and providers can start using it immediately, making it easier for them to deliver efficient care with athenahealth.

athenahealth is easier to use than eClinicalWorks,

Integration – Athenahealth Vs. eClinicalWorks

An increasing number of clinical care practices are switching to eClinicalWorks for its suite of integrated cloud solutions. Clinical integration facilitates better coordination of patient care across providers and settings.

Not only this, such integration by eClinicalWorks helps physicians deliver quality care and improve satisfaction for patients. The EHR seamlessly supports uni- directional and bi-directional communication with lab vendors, automatically attaching to the patient’s health record.

Athenahealth, on the other hand, integrates with third party devices and enables users to exchange data within the practice, with external hospitals, and public health entities.

Vendor Support – Athenahealth Vs. eClinicalWorks

athenahealth gets an upper hand over eClinicalWorks in terms of customer support and satisfaction.  When it comes to delivering prompt, high-quality customer service, athenahealth gets an edge, with many providers loving the EHR for a seamless customer service experience with dedicated account managers.

Contrarily, larger eClinicalWorks practices are not too happy with their vendor for problem scaling the support. Some user complaints include difficult escalation and long response times.

Customers love athenahealth for being a trusted advisor. This helps in long-term partnerships and consistent success. eClinicalWorks does not enjoy a great record for partnering with clients for delivery deficiencies.

In terms of physician satisfaction, eClinicalWorks performs better than athenahealth, with more than 80% of satisfied users compared to 58% for the latter. Organizations love eClinicalWorks for its suite of tightly integrated cloud solutions. This is critical to improve patient satisfaction and deliver quality care.

Features – Athenahealth Vs. eClinicalWorks

eClinicalWorks enjoys a better record in terms of deployment models and customization. The EHR provides more flexibility to customize workflow compared to the cloud-based athenahealth, with its hosted and standard C/S deployments.

eClinicalWorks’ à la carte suite is loved for its array of options and capabilities. athenahealth’s open architecture ensures better patient engagement through its patient portal. athenahealth has been a strong player in RCM services compared to eClinicalWorks, which is still a new entrant in the market.

Pricing – Athenahealth Vs. eClinicalWorks

While eClinicalWorks offers more pricing options with two enterprise packages, athenahealth customers do not have more than one option. Athenahealth customers must make a payment of a percentage of monthly collections. Most customers love the EHR for offering them good value and like it for its all-inclusive pricing.

athenahealth is a quote-based model compared to eClinicalWorks, which involves monthly subscription.

Number of users – Athenahealth Vs. eClinicalWorks

There are about 2,900 customers using eClinicalWorks compared to 4,000 practices relying on athenahealth for all of their EHR needs. More than 130,000 physicians and health care practitioners use eClinicalWorks.

Which is better: athenahealth or eClinicalWorks?

eClinicalWorks focuses on delivering technology to improve usability and reduce the overall ownership cost. athenahealth enables users to liberate youfrom repetitive tasks and technology that is difficult to use and hinders patient care.

If you are having second thoughts about the right EHR for your clinical practice, you might want to compare both and check out social metrics. The idea is to find a solution that meets your work style and frees you up from the remaining technicalities.

With the best EHR for your ambulatory setting, you can focus on core competencies without worrying about anything else while removing distractions in patient care.

Let ITQlick experts guide your choice of the best EHR. When you are confused for choice between athenahealth and eClinicalWorks, you can trust our software specialists, who can make the best recommendations.

Let us guide you to pick that electronic health records solution that meets your clinical needs, reduces data hiccups, improves clinical efficiency, and gets the job done for you, so you can deliver the best patient care.

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