What is Auto Dialer Software: How Can It Help Your Business


Your outbound campaigns are integral to your business. An automatic dialer is a valuable tool to drive communication with customers and facilitate positive, productive interactions. Initially created with a purpose to serve only one need of businesses, that is, to reduce agent idle time, automatic dialers have made a mark in the business world, thanks to their reliability and features. Auto dialers can help organizations

  • Improve productivity
  • Reach quotas
  • Connect with customers
  • Improve efficiency
  • Boost revenue

Benefits of Auto Dialer Software

An auto dialer or a predictive dialer is an electronic device or computer-based systems that monitor the dialed numbers and automatically call and transfer them to an available agent.

If you own a company, you want to make sure your sales personnel do not idle away, wasting time that could be otherwise spent in productive activities, such as dialing dull unresponsive calls. But manual dialing machines are not as effective, requiring them to literally punch the numbers in order to call a customer. It is here that an auto dialer software tool can come in handy and power your calling process. The software is the ultimate tool to put customer and product information to best use and contact customers with personalized messages. Leverage the tool to connect with sales offers to strengthen profitable relationships.

  1. Organize client database: With a predictive dialer, it is possible to automatically organize the client database and systematically maintain relevant records. This means you do not need to scribble down notes. The record of previous calls can be leveraged to rework the call structure. The dialer creates separate lists of numbers, dividing them into different categories, such as busy, no answer, or do not disturb. This helps filter numbers that do not have any potential to generate sales.
  2. Automatic connection: An auto dialer can automatically dial the phone numbers of different customers that are saved in the file. This has revolutionized the way companies connect with customers while improving the efficiency of sales agents. The tool has capabilities to connect the customer to a live person or play a recorded message once the call is answered. It is a useful tool for inbound and outbound calling that can support your revenue generating goals by facilitating positive, productive interactions with customers and improving efficiency.
  3. Cutting Cost: Besides, time savings, auto dialers help you save money that was spent on paying employees that were responsible for collecting phone numbers. Most dialers come with capabilities to collate phone numbers of customers and manage productivity.
  4. Computer response manager: An automatic dialer is designed with features to integrate with CRM applications that hold client information so you have the data at your fingertips while communicating with customers. This helps establish strong connections with customers, leading to improved customer satisfaction. When the system integrates with the CRM, phone calls can be made directly from the CRM dashboard, which will save time and streamline business processes.
  5. Efficiency: Another advantage of an auto dialer software solution is that it employs efficient algorithms that helps predict the duration an agent will be on a call. This also helps identify the time to make the next call. Additionally, the predictive dialer analyzes how many calls need to be made, while taking the call drop ratio for a specific campaign into consideration. The dialer can analyze all data sourced through statistical methods. Not only this, the tool can change the frequency of calls based on preset parameters, including the number of live agents and lines operational.
  6. Nu human intervention: As the predictive dialer carries out all the screening, this helps reduce unproductive time expended during manual calling operations. Earlier agents used to deal with endless wait in order to dial and connect the call or find answering machines at the other end. The automatic dialer detects the call results while placing records under different lists of categories in the database. The dialer learns from these call patterns and incorporates changes accordingly in its call structure, without requiring any human intervention.
  7. Blend calls: With a predictive dialer and auto dialer system, it is easier than ever to blend calls in a call center that deals with outbound and inbound sales. The combined system can work together to assign calls to live agents. Additionally, the system can work in tandem to keep callers waiting if all agents are busy. Not only this, some systems can take a message from callers, following which an agent can return the customer as soon as he gets free.
  8. Updated database: An automatic dialing system is the best tool to keep the database updated. It creates separate call-back lists with the time for calling. The system immediately places the call when the time comes, putting an agent on the call. The agent has all the information handy about the customer as well as the past call history.

Are you still wondering whether you should buy an auto dialer software solution for your business? Worry not! The ITQlick experts can guide you and make the best software recommendations so you can make the best investment and get a high ROI. An automatic dialer system is the best investment for small and large businesses. Connect with us, and we will show you how.