AVG vs. Norton Anti-Virus

AVG vs. Norton Anti-Virus
AVG vs. Norton Anti-Virus

Running a business is not easy, especially when you have tons of data to shuffle around. Now comes the hard part; Keeping your data safe and secured. Good anti-virus solution will not only help in doing the same, but also will save your organisation from potential threats and viruses.

The anti-virus system will help to protect your identity, reduce virus threats and un-compromise your data from phishing and other related attacks. We do a face-off between the two biggest players in the industry, AVG Anti-virus and Norton Security.

Take your decision wisely on the basis of the parameters that we have introduced in this article.

About the Providers


AVG came into form by two Czech engineers Jan Gritzbach and Tomáš Hofer in the year 1991. They felt the need of internet security at a time when internet and computer were relatively new in the world.

With the advent of technology, came potential threats and malwares which ripped apart computer systems. These Czech engineers felt the need of a system which saved the identity and data in a computer. Thus came AVG Anti-Virus.

Dated today, there are more than 200 million active users of AVG using variety of its products. Nothing beats such a huge customer base.


Norton is the baby of Symantec Corporation, and this was released in the year 1991 too. It eliminated many new viruses inadvertently which were non-existent at the time of its release. This was a big win for Norton straightaway.

There are more than 175 million plus users till date and the number is increasing day-after-day. It is not far behind AVG in user count, but AVG still leads the race.

Ease of Use – AVG vs. Norton Anti-Virus

AVG gained the maximum score in usability. It is pretty quick in setting up and once set, the user can quickly start the scanning process. It has a distinct color and circle combination which gives a dashboard kind of look, showcasing the protection at a glance.

A smiley with a green face is seen when everything is in the right place, the face becoming orange and red if there seems to be a problem.

Norton also is top-notch in usage terms, but lacks a little behind AVG. It has a panelled approach. Clicking on a panel, pushes down all other panels and reveals related buttons to the panel clicked earlier.

Reliability – AVG vs. Norton Anti-Virus

When it comes to reliability, AVG wins big and how. Norton tends to hang your system whilst the scanning is in progress, whereas AVG keeps your RAM consumption minimal, so that there is no glitch when the scanning process in up and running.

Users tend to believe that viruses are killed or blocked, while they work without getting disturbed. Of course, they do so, because they pay top dollar for these systems. The free versions are not that up to the mark because lots and lots of features go missing.

So, sticking to the paid version of these systems, the reliability meter tilts towards AVG over Norton, because of performance issues and smoother updates. System boot time will go up relatively when Norton anti-virus is in place.

Speed – AVG vs. Norton Anti-Virus

This is an age where everything should happen lightning fast, especially when it comes to scanning viruses. No one wants to spend too much time sitting and hatching eggs, while their computer is busy fighting off viruses.

Thus, speed is important, and it scores big, how speedily and reliably, an anti-virus can ward off viruses and give you 100% protection from other threats.

AVG scores big on speediness. As per a study by AV-comparatives, several big-wigs were tested thoroughly and AVG scored pretty high amongst them. A snapshot of the report is attached.

AVG gives you real-time protection against virus, while running in the background. In the above test, AVG three ADVANCED+ rating. But Norton scored 16.5 out of 18, so that’s a huge ranking.

Features – AVG vs. Norton Anti-Virus

Norton is the clear winner. It has scored 91%, sharing the top position with McAfee  in the above test.

AVG got 73% protection which is way below the other competitors. It’s unique Online Shield and Data Safe features doesn’t make a lot of difference in blocking malwares. It’s file encryption feature is the main product which it has included in the standalone antivirus product.

This means users get free file encryption without buying additional packs. But this is not the case with Norton. Users need to buy the ultra-sized mega suite to taste this feature. AVG has variety of reports, including crash reports, ongoing updates, and various analytical tools and also comes with a YouTube video accelerator.

Norton’s anti-phishing feature is the benchmark in the industry. It cleans up your POP3 email accounts from spam. There is a separate Norton Secured icon which classifies websites which have been checked and found safe, especially for e-commerce websites, where they store sensitive information.

It has an intelligent firewall in place which does away with annoying pop-ups, destroys malicious programs and finds ways to check the unknown ones. It also has a unique backup solution ranging from 10GB to 100 GB or more, depending on the pack you apply for.

The backed documents, files and folders are transmitted to a Secure Online Storage. The backup policy is incremental in nature, hence, it doesn’t backs up the same file over and over again.

The parental control system by Norton is again touchstone. It blocks URLs like none other and moreover, it comes with a complete password manager along with many other features.

Security – AVG vs. Norton Anti-Virus

The security is great in both. Ranging from anti-rootkit, antivirus protection, email and malware protection, they both share the same platform. Apart from these, Norton has a unique anti-phishing along with its real time protection, which gives a complete package of security.

Summary – AVG vs. Norton Anti-Virus

They both boast data protection, but AVG chips in with an ID protection feature is well.

Seeing the above reviews, it is a tough call in selecting the best out of Norton or AVG. While Norton is feature rich, AVG is a silent killer. AVG misses out on many key features which it needs to have, without paying too much money at one go.

Our analysis squeezes Norton to the winner’s position as its new age product doesn’t hamper system performances and gives a one of a kind scanning feeling. Sticking your money to Norton will give you  maximum output and benefits.