BambooHR – Who Should Stay Away


With a simple, intuitive interface, BambooHR is a pioneer in the human resources information system (HRIS) market for small businesses that are struggling with multiple spreadsheets, manual sorts, filters, and version controls and seek a reliable tool to automate administrative tasks in a centralized database. It is easy to use, with a nicely designed interface and drag-and-drop buttons. The cloud-based application doesn’t require any installation on user’s computers and works in the cloud, making it a true self-service HR tool that can seamlessly work in any browser, smartphone, Mac, or PC. However, BambooHR may not be the best solution for companies with specific requirements.

BambooHR Disadvantages

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This system is specifically tailored to the needs of a small business and may not be the best HRIS for large enterprises.


For small and medium businesses, BambooHR comes with an easy-use-layout and deeper payroll integration. The cloud-based application makes it easy to create custom tables, tabs, and fields, so users can have access to accurate data on demand. The dashboard depicts vacation days and other personal information. However, businesses looking to customize the dashboard may not find it too useful, as some of the menus cannot be customized. Since the Bamboo dashboard cannot be customized with added modules, large enterprises would like to see this improvement in the cloud-based HR solution.

Internal Hosting

BambooHR cannot be hosted on the user’s internal servers. There is no self-hosted edition for users to install on their server that they can modify as per their specific requirements.

Having the human resources information management system hosted internally could give the user some flexibility with their internal infrastructure management. But this is not the case with BambooHR, which is available only in the cloud. So if you want a self-hosted solution, Bamboo isn’t the right solution for you.

Payroll Integration

BambooHR offers integration with ZenPayroll, helping update your employee data from the human resources information system within one minute. However, businesses using Intuit payroll solutions may not benefit from this HRIS system, as BambooHR does not sync with the financial & accounting software from Intuit.

Moreover, integration with ZenPayroll requires one-on-one mapping. This means that for two ZenPayroll accounts, users need two separate BambooHR accounts to process payroll. This could make complex to sync employees from every division to different accounts in ZenPayroll.

eLearning Tools

Though it is a robust system, BambooHR is not streamlined for knowledge management tools. This also includes eLearning tools. Bamboo lacks more integrated solutions as part of its package. These include scheduling, payroll, recruitment, time & attendance, besides some core HR functions.

While some competitors provide SMBs with ready tax management solutions along with health benefit features for regulatory compliance, BambooHR does not provide users with these features. Additionally, businesses seeking multi-tier email notifications do not find this software useful. Including two-tier and multi-tier would be useful.

BambooHR Storage Size

The application packages are available in two storage sizes, including 50 MB and 100 MB. However, companies requiring larger, high-quality PDFs regularly may find space constraints. Larger PDFs might quickly consume the document storage space.

Better onboarding functionalities could make BambooHR more useful for enterprises. The application lacks features to recognize employee achievements, which could help boost employee retention for businesses. Additionally, it is not clear how document signing and forms work for new employees, though Bamboo claims it as a standard feature.

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Despite these Bamboo disadvantages, the application has many pluses to its credit. It serves customers in a number of countries and is available in five languages. Bamboo will have additional partners to offer multiple services that the human resources information management system lacks.  It is an excellent solution for small businesses, as it comes with an advanced security model.

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