Basecamp: Top 3 Competitors (May 2018)

Basecamp Top 3 Competitors
Basecamp Top 3 Competitors

Basecamp Vs. Wrike Vs. Asana Vs. JIRA – There are an overwhelming number of project management tools out there, and if you have used Basecamp, you are already aware of its features and functioning.

However, if you are looking for basecamp competitors, you want a tool that can make it effortless to manage projects and facilitate the tasks of budget management, scheduling, cost control, resource allocation, collaboration, documentation, and communication.

Basecamp vs. Wrike vs. Asana vs. JIRA

Overview – Basecamp Competitors

Basecamp has a simple, clean, and elegant dashboard that makes the task of project management and collaboration easier. However, the solution is best designed for startups and small teams. As your business scales, the application doesn’t and, therefore, it is not the best solution for medium and large enterprises.

On the other hand, Wrike is touted as the best project management tool for medium businesses and Fortune 500 companeies. It has a mountain of features to support the team and project management needs of every business, including creative teams, marketing teams, and project management and product development teams.

With a user-friendly interface, Asana is a popular choice for startups, teams of different sizes and small-sized businesses. Some of the most popular industries where Asana is widely used include technology, healthcare, design, and marketing. As an alternative to Basecamp, Asana offers a range of free version capabilities that covered you more than other free versions.

With its simple interface, JIRA is quick to set up. The team management tool enables better collaboration with teammates so you can get a remarkable job done. It is an ideal tool for small teams with limited resources and budgets.

Features – Basecamp Competitors

Basecamp has task management features that still need a lot of improvement. Scheduling a task can be a major problem with the tool, as there is no feature to make a task dependent upon another or indicate its estimated duration.

It is even more difficult to delegate the task to different users. If you have tight deadlines, Basecamp may not be the ideal tool. There are no time management tools with Basecamp, nor does it support Gantt charts.

Wrike, on the other hand, can give you quick real-time insight into a project. Users can discuss and delegate tasks, track schedules with interactive Gantt charts, collaborate, store data securely and enjoy faster, transparent business operations.

It is easier to access any uploaded files. The built-in analytics tools give you a quick update on project progress. It has all the useful charts that facilitate progress tracking, including Performance Chart, Baseline Chart and Gantt Chart.

Asana is another Basecamp competitor project and task management solution. The tool comes with a range of features to enable more efficient team collaboration and communication. You can use the project management solution to not only create projects and tasks, but also add employees to the tasks.

Asana also users to merge tasks with a single click and handle tasks, set schedules, and get timely updates, among others. Users can effortlessly include team profiles in comments, so that there is no confusion and everyone is in on the same page. Asana may not be the right tool if you have a huge team and need something robust. Asana lacks robust reporting features.

With JIRA, you have complete application control to assign, capture, and set task priorities for the team. You can better manage the project development process, from start to launch. Its unique features make it a strong Basecamp competitor offering better collaboration with teammates to get the right job done on time.

Price – Basecamp Competitors

Basecamp price ranges from free to $149, depending on the type of plan you opt for. The free plan is available for 30 days. Basic, Plus, Premium, and Max are the other plans that cost $24, $49, $99, and $149, respectively.

It provides unlimited projects worth 100 GB for $150 per month and for more than 500 GB storage space, you need to pay $3,000.

Wrike offers a free plan. Then there are four pricing plans, with different features and value. Professional plan comes at a price of $9.80 per user per month. If you want a business plan, you need to shell out $24.80/user/month.

For marketers plan, the package comes at $36.40 per user per month. One is the enterprise plan. Wrike Enterprise plan offers maximum 100 GB of storage space.

Asana offers a free base plan, which is best for a 15-member team. However, you may want more features than the basic version for a larger team, so you can opt for the Premium plan for a price of $9.99/user/month. You can contact the company for a quote on the Enterprise plan. Asana is no specialist in storage functionality, unlike Basecamp.

JIRA offers a perpetual license, which means you only need to make one-time purchase to get your hands on the intuitive tool. However, there is a monthly subscription pricing plan too.  The base price starts at $10/month for a team of 10 users.

Integration – Basecamp Competitors

Basecamp can integrate with a number of third-party apps.

Wrike seamlessly integrates with Dropbox, Google Drive and OneDrive in the cloud.

Asana integrates with WordPress, Dropbox, Google Drive, Slack, and GitHub.

JIRA comes with bundled add-ons and offers remote integrations.

Mobile compatibility – Basecamp Competitors

Get the interface on your mobile interface and work anywhere with Basecamp. It is optimized for mobile devices and ideal for iPhone and iPad users.

Wrike is also designed with a mobile app that makes it the best tool for on-the-go teams.

Asana is mobile compatible, which makes it widely popular.

JIRA is designed with mobile apps that make it ideal to keep remote teams and Android and iOS users connected.

Still unsure which of the Basecamp competitors is ideal for your business? well, when it comes to picking a software tool for your specific business, you ought to assess your requirements and budget. One application that fits in your criteria should be the one to opt for. If you are overwhelmed for choice, get in touch with ITQLick experts. We can help you assess your needs and make a good comparison among other Basecamp alternatives so you can get started.