Best Case Management Software in 2022 to Run Your Legal Office

2022’s Best Legal Office Software – If you run a law firm, you already are aware of the vast amount of sensitive data processed through different mediums. The information needs to be organized and professionally maintained. This will help you reduce the risk of losing both your time and money.

Here case management software can come in handy, helping law firms in the effective handling of data with less manual effort. Research reveals that over 75 percent of legal professionals have admitted that the use of such a digital solution has positively impacted their organizational performance and increased the billable hours.

Here are a few leading case management software tools for your business:

2022’s Best Legal Office Software


The solution is designed for small-and medium-sized businesses. Some of the core case management features include contact management, task management, calendaring and docking, client portal, client intake form, email integration, and document assembly. The software provides protection of sensitive data, offering SSL encryption.

The solution comes with 128- and 256-bit encryption. MyCase comes with integration capabilities and can be integrated with major third party apps. The solution offers billing and invoicing capabilities. It makes it easier for users to create customized reports for productivity, billing, and work progression.


If you want to future-proof your legal firm with a scalable infrastructure, you can rely on AbacusLaw – the complete data security solution. The case practice management solution is designed to automate the workflow of legal firms.

The on premise software is compatible with windows operating systems. The application comes with an integrated calendar, which helps users define deadlines for different tasks. AbacusLaw integrates a forms module, which can help in form creation. The solution stores all documents and sensitive data at a centralized location.

AbacusLaw keeps a track of all contracts. It tracks the firm’s obligations. Data capture for each sector is automated to its specific sector, including civil, criminal, etc. The private cloud puts your vital apps and critical data in a private virtual workspace accessible anywhere anytime.

BEC Legal Software

The case management solution seconds as a legal document management tool for all sizes of businesses. The software comes with an array of capabilities, such as document formatting, clause library, and customizable templates. With BEC Legal software, users can effortlessly leverage Templates Organizer to group templates according to their practice.

The solution offers different standard and personalized templates and styling and numbering capabilities that can be easily customized as per your formatting preferences. The solution is the industry leader in matter management, word automation, docketing, and document assembly.

It is specifically designed for corporate legal departments that use Microsoft Office. With BEC Legal Software, users can reformat documents with the document cleaning tools. Some other capabilities of the system include document clause library.


The legal case management software comes with an array of capabilities, such as case management, reporting, time and billing management, security.

The solution offers time and billing management capabilities with a range of features, such as expense tracking, billing and invoicing, account receivable, time tracking, bill payments, and trust accounting. Some of the important case management services include contact management, calendaring and docketing, document assembly, client portal, task management, and email integration.

Clio helps create and manage different kinds of reports, such as productivity reports, billing reports, and client reports. Users can leverage the tool to manage work-in-progress reports. The solution can be integrated with third party systems, including Dropbox, Gmail, Outlook, QuickBooks, PayPal, and Google Apps.

Prevail Case Management

Prevail Case Management is a case management software designed for businesses of different sizes. The solution comes with a range of capabilities, such as docket management, records management, task management, conflict resolution, document assembly, calendaring and docking, and document management.

With Prevail Case Management solution, users can leverage the document assembly engine for document storage, creation, and tracking. The solution helps customize workflow processes and facilitates report, such as budget reports, client billing reports, and client reports.

The solution makes it easier for users to track time and expenses, manage records, and manage processes, dockets, and conflict. Some other features include court management, client database, and conflict management.

Legal case management software is the best solution for law firms to automate their daily workflows, helping improve efficiency and boost revenue growth. It is easier to track billable time and view tasks with such solution.

Users can purchase case management software to handle the law firm’s business functions, such as reporting, accounting, and marketing. Since these systems focus on the law firm’s internal needs, they are the best tools to keep things organized for legal practices.

If you are wondering which case management software is the best for your practice, let ITQlick experts come to your rescue. We will guide you through different solutions so you can find the best of the breed tool for your legal practice.

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