Aconex Vs. Procore: #1 Construction Software?

Aconex Vs. Procore: #1 Construction Software? Are you feeling the dire need for a project management solution?

Are you struggling to finish projects on time and within budget? Well, you may want to consider a software product designed for construction.

It is here that a construction management software tool can come in handy and address your deepest fears, reducing the risk of injury, helping streamline workflows, and making bidding and managing construction projects easier.

Now you might be wondering which solution is the right option for you – Aconex vs Procore.

Aconex Vs. Procore

Both solutions are almost equal in project management. However, there are some sharp differences in terms of estimating and accounting, and Procore gets an edge over Aconex.

Overview – Aconex Vs. Procore

Aconex is an industry titan when it comes to managing documents, processes, and information in one centralized location. There is no other software that comes close to the document management solution.

It is a Software-as-a-Service and mobile platform that caters to the needs of construction and engineering clients, architects, project managers, contractors, and consultants. The solution is specially designed for large projects.

Procore, on the other hand, is an all-in-one software app, which offers all the tools required to create, manage, and change submittals. The construction management software serves clients across construction verticals, be it residential, industrial, commercial, multifamily, or transportation.

Features Comparison – Aconex Vs. Procore

While Aconex misses out on scheduling features, Procore lacks support for procurement. Procore offers support for accounting, with such capabilities as job costing, accounts payable and receivable, inventory management, purchase order, materials management, and time & materials billing. Contrarily, Aconex lacks accounting and estimating capabilities.

Aconex is best suited to large-scale or big construction projects. It is not the right solution for short-duration, small projects.

Procore stands out as a leading solution for businesses that need a tool for managing and accessing information. Procore is a complete package that collects tons of data in one place, making it easier to access everything without space restrictions, and saves data.

Additionally, there are no limits on the amount of data. The solution is perfect for subcontractors and general contractors.

However, the tool is not the best choice for companies that lack these processes, as Procore will only make it more cumbersome to perform such tasks.

While Aconex does not come with service management features, Procore supports an array of these features, from inventory management to dispatch, work orders, and service contracts.

Aconex and Procore Integration

Aconex integrates with a range of apps and supports such integration features as SharePoint integration, document–intelligent stamping tool, prolog integration, and Aconex Mail to Word Forms.

On the other hand, Procore’s open application programming interface supports the construction management software’s integration with third-party apps. Some of the integrations include storage solutions, accounting tools, scheduling software, and reporting solutions.

Ease of use – Aconex Vs. Procore

Aconex comes with an interface and dashboard that requires patience and training to get a hang of the system. Its process controls could be better designed to live up to industry standards.

Compared to Aconex, Procore has a simple interface, though the application comes with a range of capabilities to support construction management.

Mobile – Aconex Vs. Procore

Aconex has a good mobile interface, with flawless access to unlimited project data from a mobile device.

Procore offers good support and native mobile apps for Android, iOS, and mobile websites. It has applications for Android and Apple. Procore offers unlimited data storage. For every client, there is a dedicated implementation manager.

Compare Pricing – Aconex Vs. Procore

Aconex does not publish its pricing, though it offers a customizable enterprise package to cater to the budgetary needs of businesses of different sizes. Ideally, Aconex offers three plans, including enterprise, professional, and starter. However, you need to contact the vendor to find out about the cost or ask for a quote.

Procore does not publicly declare its price. Interested clients need to ask for a quote to determine the pricing package and detailed pricing information.

Are you still looking for the best construction software for your organization? It may be challenging to find where to start. When it comes to comparing Aconex vs Procore, you want a product that is tailored to the needs of your construction business.

If you are struggling to find the right product, get in touch with experts at ITQlick. Our team of professionals is well-versed in the software industry and can steer you toward the right solution. We will help you find the best construction solution that can help you grow and improve.

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