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Best Retail Analytics Software (2022) – The retail market is the backbone of the economy. However, there are large-scale changing patterns in the retail sector. With changing consumer demands and fluctuating markets, the economics of retail are becoming complex.

It is easier to understand the complexities and changing patterns with advanced retail analytics software. Inventory management and sales reporting are common retail analytics components that provide unparalleled transparency into the working of your business. With a retail analytics software solution, users get:

  • Valuable insights into your best-selling products
  • Insight into your most valuable customers
  • A clear picture of the busiest time for your business during a specific period during the day, week, month, or year

However, not all analytics systems are created equal. While some may be a breeze to learn, use, and implement, many others are tough nut to crack and require time on the part of the user to get a hang of it.

Best Retail Analytics Software Tools for 2022


The retail management solution is designed for small to mid-sized units. The application is designed with a Point of Sale module with such features as customer management, integrated inventory management, and retail accounting.

The cloud-based solution comes with a unified platform to control back office, employee activity, and inventory. EPOS Now is compatible with Android, Windows, and Mac. With the solution, users can effortlessly migrate the entire customer data to the new system during the implementation of the software.


The retail analytics solution is designed with such features as inventory control, retail accounting, and customizable reporting. The software comes complete with different useful point-of-sale services, such as credit card processing, barcode scanning, receipt printing, multi-system integration, returns management, and refund management.

AcePOS features retail accounting services for users. This includes bank transactions, management of accounts payables and receivables, purchase orders, and general ledger.

With the retail analytics software, you have the ability to establish real-time connections with customers. This further helps reduce unnecessary expenditures and provides a better consumer experience. The real-time management of retail, consumer, and demographic data helps boost productivity due to fewer missed sales opportunities and equitable workload sharing.


The user-friendly POS comes with a range of management tools and reporting features. So this helps your sales team to act together so that the right data enters the analytic reports. The retail analytics software is designed with industry-specific features, such as a drop-down menu.

Some of the modules integrated with the solution include e-commerce, customer management, retail accounting, and inventory management, without involving any extra pocket expenses.

The cloud-based EdgePOS features a core point of sale component with certain features, including a time clock, price look-up, revenue totals, and passwords. There are numerous add-on apps that come with retail analytics software.

The tool features an inventory management module, which enables clients to simultaneously track multiple inventories and integrate with Internet communications.

Automatic updates are enabled on the software, which means you do not need to shed extra out-of-pocket expenses for the same.


The retail analytics solution is designed to provide point-of-sale services for small and medium-sized businesses. It has all core POS features for effective retail management.

Some other key features of the solution include a customer relationship management module, customizable payments, an employee accountability module, an inventory management module, keyboard shortcuts, and a customer service module.

LightSpeed comes with a customer service module with which it is easier to create and track customers and orders. With the CRM module, you can create a customer base and manage contacts.

The app features an inventory management module, which enables users to set categories and track the inventory activity of every single employee. There is an employee accountability module, with which users can create customizable roles and use transaction and employee logs. The software is designed with a reporting feature, with which the generation of inventory and sales reports gets easier.

The on-premise solution has an API that enables it to integrate with third-party apps. LightSpeed can seamlessly handle multi-store operations.

Microsoft Dynamics

The retail analytics software provides high customization capabilities for retail stores and support for multiple platforms and multiple currencies. Microsoft Dynamics comes with numerous integration options and effortless checkout features.

Customization features include customizable reporting and user interface. Quality control, order entry, compliance management, quality control, supplier management, reporting, and stock inquiries are some core features.

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