2018’s Top 5 Trucking Dispatch Software

Trucking Dispatch Software
Trucking Dispatch Software

2018’s Top 5 Trucking Dispatch Software – A trucking dispatch software tool is designed to keep deliveries, equipment, and dispatchers under control.

The tool is your best recourse to improving freight and distribution channels and increasing operational efficiency by enabling you to effortlessly track, manage, and report data.

With such a solution, you can reduce operational costs, optimize delivery routes, track assets, get a real-time stock of inventory, and reduce risk factors.

However, choosing a trucking software solution for your freight and trucking business can seem overwhelming, with all dispatch software companies making tall promises to bring down the cost of your fleet. So who should you trust?

Top Trucking Dispatch Software

Dispatching Made Easy

Looking for the best software tool to keep your dispatchers and drivers connected? Dispatching Made Easy is the best-selling dispatching software tool for non-emergency transportation needs.

The convenient web-based platform is the right solution for businesses and supervisors that dispatch from mobile sites or vacation.

The application makes it easier for owners and supervisors to track the status of drivers, dispatchers, and customers from any location. Now you can visually manage your logistics with the interactive dispatching system on a single screen!

Users can review statistics on multiple drivers, clients, and vehicles, which makes it easier to monitor and improve operational efficiency and profitability.

Dr Dispatch

The transportation software is designed with a suite of tools to help users manage brokerage dispatch or trucking dispatch and/or both.

Dr Dispatch is the best trucking dispatch software to track orders and equipment and manage schedules. The trucking and brokerage dispatch software takes care of everything for your freight and brokerage business, from managing and tracking loads to handling reporting of revenue and driver payroll.

With the user-friendly solution, it is easier to monitor revenue and schedule equipment, besides managing dispatching.

Dr Dispatch makes it easier for companies to take care of data entry in a few minutes, while QuickBooks integration holds the key to managing accounting.

Get everything under your control with Dr Dispatch, which can improve your freight and distribution channels so you can keep deliveries under control.

Visual Dispatch Software

With a highly interactive interface, Visual Dispatch software is the right tool to schedule equipment and employees in a matter of seconds.

The flexible tool is easy to use with one click of the mouse. Users can modify the layout to fit their respective needs. Now you can quickly access the status of trucks, orders, drivers, and trailers and access information from order processing and dispatch.

Dispatch Anywhere

Dispatch Anywhere is the right trucking dispatch software for owners, dispatchers, and managers to effortlessly run business on a mobile device.

The solution ensures that dispatchers are not restricted to a desk and they can track drivers with GPS. With Dispatch Anywhere, drivers can manage assigned jobs with their Android device.

The trucking dispatch software enables you to view job details and receive real-time timestamp updates.

You can literally run your business from your mobile device and track truck locations and status, so you can effortlessly manage and receive every call. Make the right decisions, knowing what happened when you were away.

This is one software tool that will easily adapt to your company needs.


The field scheduling and dispatch software provides a full, end-to-end service for companies of all sizes. The powerful solution features a range of capabilities, such as status tracking, job scheduling, and repair center management. With the solution, users can get real-time access to critical information regarding every dispatch and vehicle.

Telogis provides automated alerts for managers about any speed limit violations. With the trucking system, users can keep track of maintenance needs and monitor a specific vehicle’s idle time.

The knowledge can come in handy to reduce idle times, keep a check on violations, and maximize the fleet’s efficiency.

The solution offers updates on existing weather patterns, which risk causing delays.


With a range of features, Dossier is the most powerful trucking dispatch software that can meet the needs of an advanced fleet maintenance system. Easy to understand, the solution focuses on asset management.

It also features capabilities that make such tasks easier as accounting, estimating, and management. The software can track any type of equipment, including trailers, buses, or tractors. One click data entry makes things easier and more efficient.

Other important features include fuel optimization, dispatch interface, maintenance scheduling, driver compliance, and fuel optimization.

The special route optimization feature enables you to save resources with an optimum transportation route.

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