Best Web Based EMR

Best Web Based EMR
Best Web Based EMR

Web-based apps for electronic medical records (EMR) and practice management have become widely popular. These SaaS systems are more secure, interactive, and intuitive compared to earlier apps.

Cloud-based EMR systems are loved by medical practices as these solutions save them on the upfront costs of installing infrastructure and hardware.

An EMR is designed for the efficient management of clinical data within a healthcare company, tracking demographics, storing online patient records, and facilitate the task of lab and device integration.

If you are looking for the best web based EMR, we have listed the top ones below:

Top Web Based EMR

  1. MediTouch

The cloud-based EHR is integrated across the Clearinghouse. MediTouch is designed with all the capabilities to meet your day-to-day practice management needs, from front scheduling to sending claims to payers, quality reporting, ePrescribing, patient portal, allergy list management, iPad compatibility, patient reporting, task management, and advanced document management.

There is a SaaS deployment option that enables remote data access to users. Additionally, the easy-to-use-and-customize tool comes with pre-loaded templates. MediTouch helps you ensure value-based care deliver, comply with healthcare reform, and achieve interoperability.

Cons: The EHR doesn’t offer on-premise deployment.

  1. ChiroTouch

The chiropractic solution is another web based EMR that helps health staff connect with patients.

It comes complete with a range of capabilities, including patient management, reporting, billing, accounting, inventory, automatic wizard, claims management, accounting integration, document management, and patient self-check in. The HIPPA compliant system is compatible with iOS and Android.

The highly customizable EMR has a dedicated mobile app for such users. Patient records are stored digitally and easy to access. ChiroTouch is HIPAA compliant and combines all electronic medical records functionalities in a single suite.

Its billing app is designed with a number of capabilities, such as claim scrubbing, eligibility inquiry, workers’ compensation billing, and automated batch posting.

Cons: The mobile app doesn’t support some Android devices.

  1. eClinicalWorks

For better engagement and healthcare, eClinicalWorks promises to be the best web based EMR. The need of the hour is more than a good website. In fact, you need an all-in-one solution that can help you thrive in the competitive healthcare environment.

Patients need easy access to healthcare. eClinicalWorks has it all, from online booking to patient portal. There are options for messenger campaigns and Kiosk check-in.

The electronic medical record solution is designed with capabilities to help users go paperless and efficiently handle practice management needs. It is a handy tool to improve workflow. Patients can use Kiosk to effortlessly check in for appointments.  It also links information directly to the electronic medical records solution.

Cons: The solution does not integrate with some third-party apps.

  1. Athenahealth

The best web based EMR solution is designed to improve clinical control and efficiency of medical practices. Athenahealth does not require licensing and is completely cloud based. It provides web-based services for medical billing, patient engagement, and electronic health records.

The cloud-based solution makes it effortless for users to manage revenue cycle and care coordination. Its homepage is easy to access for users, who can view incoming lab results, patient history, and daily schedule in a hassle-free manner.

Some other tools that make the cloud-based EMR special include custom benchmarking, patient portal, appointment scheduling, visibility into daily tasks, and proactive trends analysis.

The user-friendly tool works exactly as a top EMR should and fits in your budget.

Cons: The EHR is difficult to navigate for first-time users. It takes a bit of learning to become familiar with Athenahealth.

  1. CareCloud Charts

The web-based EHR is the best practice management solution to manage all aspects of medical practice, including patient scheduling and financial analysis. Whether you are looking for an all-in-one electronic health solution or a full-suite service for practice management, CareCloud can fit in easily.

It comes complete with such features as contract management, document management, appointment reminders, and insurance verification. It is the right choice if you are looking for a tool with efficient medical billing features. CareCloud provides comprehensive tools for better practice management and patient care.

The detailed reporting feature makes it a breeze to track progress. It is designed with prebuilt templates for reporting and prescription.

Even billing templates can be customized to cater to the special needs of your clinic. CareCloud is one of the best tools to streamline clinical operations and thus improve patient engagement.

Cons:  Integration with third-party EMRs may be a big issue with CareCloud.

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