What is BPM: How Can It Support Your Business


Business Process Management or BPM is a practice designed to execute, model, automate, control, and optimize business activity flows. It is a way of observing and controlling the processes in an organization, ensuring that workflow is efficient, effective, and capable of adapting to a changing environment, so you can accomplish business goals. When your business achieves cost efficiency, you can benefit from decreased cost and increased revenue.

What is BPM?

With BPM technology handy, your organization can effortlessly switch gears and be better equipped to respond to the dynamic business environment. BPM or Business Process Management is a practice to study and monitor business processes so that you have the knowledge, methods, and techniques to run your organization smoothly over a period of time. BPM is about institutionalizing better ways to get work done.

What Does It Involve?

BPM involves:

  • Analysis
  • Monitoring
  • Re-design and model
  • Implementation
  • Automation
  • Management

How Can BPM Support Your Business?

BPM involves continuous evaluation of the organizational processes, so timely steps can be taken to improve the workflow and maintain quality.

In order to successfully implement BPM, it is important to:

  • Organize around outcomes so the focus is maintained.
  • Improve the processes – any problems must be resolved before the processes are automated.
  • Establish processes and assign ownership.
  • Standardize processes across the organization to ensure their understanding and management, risk mitigation, error reduction.
  • Improve existing processes.

Establish An Effective Quality Strategy

Many organizations cannot completely understand the importance of quality. In an era where quality matters the most, there is an increasing threat of quality failure. So organizations must focus on putting quality at the heart of their business processes.

Business process management provides organizations with an excellent structure to understand how your business works while highlighting areas where there is room for improvement.

Support Change Initiatives

Your organization must seamlessly get back to business as usual following any change initiatives. In the absence of effective change management, you are likely to face resistance from staff. However, it is here that taking a BPM approach can come in handy to alleviate the resistance, providing an excellent framework for ongoing improvement. This is one of the most effective ways to return to business as usual.

Manage Risk and Avert Quality Failure

Risk is a threat to the success and growth of an organization. With a reliable strategy in place, you can minimize challenges. Success depends on how the data in your repositories is labeled, so it can be identified when a query is raised.

If you take a business process management approach, you can easily resolve quality issues. With a BPM model, your entire organization gets access to one platform. This will enable you to identify responsibility and accountability for all processes, ensuring quality is at the heart of your business.

Increase Employee Engagement

Organizations find it challenging to engage employees when it comes to business transformation. But their involvement is the key to success of the business. With BPM, you have a framework and support structure to improve employee engagement and implement a continuous improvement initiative.

Investing in a dedicated BPM system can help ensure the success of business transformation and employee engagement.

Support Consistent Working

Business survival is difficult in an inconsistent working atmosphere, wherein there are inefficiencies, lack of control, and inconsistency of outcome. However, a dedicated BPM technology system can help ensure that your business processes are easily accessible to everyone within the organization.

If implemented correctly, a business process management system can support your organizational improvement initiatives, help improve corporate performance and outcomes, deliver value to customers, and improve agility.

Business process management helps an organization:

  • Measure the efficiency of a business process
  • Develop new improved processes
  • Gather information to identify waste and inefficiency
  • Identify impact
  • Make improvements

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