Bridge Vs Travitor (LMS Software)

With a learning management system, you can automate the administration of online courses and seamlessly track and report learner progress, without requiring too much effort. An online learning and training software solution can help train your staff with easily available tools.

The software stores all of your documents and information in one place, where it can be accessed and reviewed by the staff at any time anywhere. With an LMS handy, imparting training to the staff, tracking the completion of the training program, and getting insight into the success of your program got easier than ever before.

Now when it comes to choosing between Bridge and Travitor, which one would you opt for?

Bridge Vs Travitor: The Comparison


Bridge: A simple and easy LMS to maneuver through, Bridge is an easy-to-use system.

With an LMS like Bridge, you have the best learning management system to provide staff with the tools required for success. Measure knowledge in real-time and provide remote staff with the required support. The learning management system delivers a compelling learning experience and helps staff clearly understand the company goals, so they can grow themselves while contributing to the growth of the company. It is one of the best tools for employee engagement for remote staff.

Travitor:  Designed with employee training in mind, Travitor LMS is just perfect for businesses of all sizes. With an intuitive layout, the LMS is extremely easy to use.

The learning management system comes complete with an array of services for your workforce and consumers, including social learning, asynchronous learning, and internal training. The intuitive platform can complement your brand with logos, themes, colors, and images.

With a solution like Travitor, it is easier to upload, share, and track videos with unlimited cloud storage. Besides, the LMS is the perfect tool to manage instructor-led training events.


Bridge: The easy-to-use software is very intuitive. It is designed to help employees become more informed, smarter, and more productive. The application drives learning through real-time surveys. This gives managers a clear assessment of employee performance and how they feel, and what they need to get their issues addressed.

The mobile-friendly tool enables employees to learn on the go and get measurable feedback. Course creators can leverage the tool to create courses quickly and engage trainees or the workforce. Customizing learning paths and course offerings is a breeze with Bridge.

Additionally, there is an option for users to stop and start in the same spot in the middle of a course. It doesn’t matter whether you are trying to access the LMS from the same system where you stopped or from a different device.

Travitor: With Travitor, employees have access to a dashboard with training completion statistics. The LMS allows users to upload and share videos and quiz questions all through the training courses to engage trainees or learners in a streamlined learning environment.

 The cloud-based LMS is compatible with Windows and Mac. It is accessible on Android and iOS mobile devices.

Course creators can leverage quiz-building tools to create, manage, and engage learners. Based on instructional design best practices, these tools use customizable logic and performance analytics to custom create courses within the system.

You can share files by using the drag-and-drop option. Create interactive video quizzes to test during a video lesson. The tool also supports virtual web meetings and instructor-led live events.

Additionally, users can schedule in-person and online learning events. The LMS can generate interactive graphs, which allow users to track training progress in real-time. One feature that sets the LMS apart is the unified inbox that enables course creators to view messages from employees.


Bridge: The cloud-based solution integrates with a range of third-party apps. The bridge is designed to integrate with standard enterprise resource planning, customer relationship management systems, and Human Resource Information Systems.

Travitor: The system can be synced with your employee data systems using an Application Programming Interface and Single Sign-On, which let you access multiple apps across the organization, without having to log in again and again.


Bridge: It is available at a subscription pricing model, and there is a free trial plan available.

Travitor: Free at the lowest tier, Travitor comes at $4 per user per month, with an array of features that can be purchased on a per user per month basis.

Wondering which of the two LMS is the right for your business- Bridge vs Travitor? Come in touch with ITQlicks. We can help you make the right choice when you are struggling with ideas. We realize that when it comes to using a Learning Management System, you want a tool that satisfies end users as well as experts.

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