Brightspace Vs. Blackboard: Best LMS

Brightspace Vs. Blackboard: Best LMS – When it comes to buying a Learning Management System (LMS), you might be interested to pick one that is customized to the goals and mission of your institution. However, with a myriad number of solutions available, making a choice can be difficult.

So what should drive your decisions? Let us walk you through two of the most powerful learning management systems available to make life easier for you.  We will compare Brightspace Vs. Blackboard.

Brightspace Vs. Blackboard: What Are the Differences

Overview – Brightspace Vs. Blackboard

Brightspace is a web-based LMS designed especially for higher educational, K-12, and corporate organizations. Learning Environment caters to the needs of instructors to design interactive training courses. The solution with its multimedia environment enables tutors to evaluate assignments and allows content creators to use multimedia in their courses.

Blackboard is designed especially to cater to the needs of small and medium businesses.

Ease of use – Brightspace Vs. Blackboard

Blackboard is slowly losing out to the competition for its complex interface that is confusing to both students and instructors.

Brightspace, on the other hand, is a more flexible, simpler, and accessible LMS than Blackboard. The flexibility to change anything gives Brightspace an upper hand. Additionally, the dashboard and menu tools are highly intuitive, facilitating switch between multiple courses.

Brightspace comes with an analytics tool for performance tracking.

Features – Brightspace Vs. Blackboard

With Brightspace, workflow between different tools is different as it depends on the time the original tool was designed, leading to frustration for users. Additionally, Brightspace tends to focus on major updates while neglecting small updates, which could pose a risk of bugs for years without a fix.

On top of this, using embedded rubrics is a hassle with Brightspace, with no options for adding due dates. On the other hand, Blackboard gets an upper hand, offering several such options to add assignment submission date.

Blackboard Learn is a robust product with an array of features and functionality. Users can benefit from social learning features and foundational functionality with the LMS.

Transition – Brightspace Vs. Blackboard

It is seamless to transition to Brightspace compared to the glitches experienced by users when it comes to switch from another LMS to Blackboard.

Integrations – Brightspace Vs. Blackboard

Brightspace offers better and greater integrations with third-party apps. It offers an application programming interface and supports integrations with Microsoft Office 365, Google apps, and learning tools interoperability.

Blackboard integrates with a number of business apps, including Moodle, Desire2Learn, itsLearning, among others.

Support – Brightspace Vs. Blackboard

Brightspace has worked hard on its customer support, with timely updates to tickets and all forms of phone, email, and live support.

Blackboard does not compare well with Brightspace as far as customer support is concerned, with its offerings of training, tickets, and phone support.

Mobile compatibility – Brightspace Vs. Blackboard

Blackboard is compatible with iPhone and Android.

Brightspace mobile app is not one of its best features.

Pricing – Brightspace Vs. Blackboard

Both blackboard and Brightspace offer a quote-based pricing plan. Both LMS offer a free trial before use.

Users – Brightspace Vs. Blackboard

Blackboard is the most popular learning management system in the higher education market, and Brightspace is fast catching up. While blackboard is used by over 25% of institutions and more than 35% of enrolments, its user base has declined. Until a few years ago, the Blackboard had more than 50% of the market.

On the other hand, Brightspace is speedily securing new adopters. Its market base has increased from 11 to 13% of institutions while it has registered more than 15% of enrolments.

Brightspace Vs. Blackboard: Which one is Better?

It seems Brightspace is fast becoming the LMS of choice for educational institutions while Blackboard is losing out to the former. With a clean interface and visually appealing structure of pages, Brightspace seems to be a better choice for educational facilities.

The ease to roll over one course from one term, drop and drag functions, and hassle-free use give Brightspace an upper hand over Blackboard.

However, your choice of a learning management system depends primarily on your specific needs.  You can pick the LMS that serves the needs of your training and educational institution. It also depends on the size of your business. You may prefer Blackboard for a small business and Brightspace for higher functionality.

Bottom Line – Brightspace Vs. Blackboard

When it comes to picking either Brightspace or Blackboard, you might want to choose one that is easy and inclusive. If you are looking for an LMS that serves all purposes at one place, go for Brightspace.

However, if finding the best LMS is a struggle for you, you may want to connect with ITQlick experts. With decades of experience, huge software database, and vast knowledge in the IT industry, we can help make choice easier for you.

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