BuilderTREND Vs Procore

Construction software is a class of applications designed for the management of all construction processes, from procurement to material takeoff and project management. With a handy software solution modernizing of all construction management processes, it eliminates the need for manual methods, improves estimating, and accommodates business growth.

When it comes to choosing the best construction software, you may be overwhelmed for choice. Wondering which is a better choice, BuilderTREND Vs Procore?

Comparison: Buildertrend Vs Procore

Overview – Buildertrend Vs. Procore

BuilderTREND:  A cloud-based construction software solutions for home builders, BuilderTREND is designed to facilitate the task of managing all of construction processes digitally. The software can optimize communication among all concerned departments, including subcontractors, builders, vendors, and customers. A perfect solution for small, medium, and large businesses!

Procore: A comprehensive construction management suite that helps you streamline complex construction processes, manage the entire construction lifecycle, and create frictionless business operations. It is a hosted solution, which means users don’t have to purchase any hardware or go through painful installations.

Features – Buildertrend Vs. Procore

BuilderTREND: The construction management software is not designed with contract management capabilities. However, it does offer project management, accounting, and estimating features. Alternatively, it features job costing, purchase order, time & materials billing capabilities.

Procore: The application has an upper hand in terms of features and capabilities are concerned. The solution is designed to make contract management easier. It features document management, project management, and drawing management capabilities to help manage your construction business. Procore is superior to BuilderTREND as far as project management, accounting, and estimating capabilities are concerned.

Additionally, it offers additional accounting features, making the task of accounts payable, accounts receivable, inventory management, materials management, purchase order, job costing, and time & materials billing easier.

It lets you manage contracts, bids, commitments, vendors, submittals, punch lists, and just about anything you need to manage construction projects seamlessly. It is an ideal solution for General Contractors that enables you to manage Prime Contracts.

Integration – Buildertrend Vs. Procore

BuilderTREND: The solution integrates with some of the most popular apps, including Xero accounting solution. There is no such option for bi-directional sync with BuilderTREND.

Procore: With a clean, modern user interface, Procore also uses a well-documented API, which means it is easy to integrate with third-party apps. Integrating Procore with other apps is pleasurable! Procore has an upper hand in terms of integration is concerned. Bi-directional Sync makes it easier to pull and push data into the system. This helps create a link between Procore and your construction project, without requiring any software installations.

The application also provides a certified integration with Sage 300, which makes it a handy tool for advanced financial management.

Reporting – Buildertrend Vs. Procore

BuilderTREND: With BuilderTREND, users can create customized reports.

Procore: The construction software comes complete with a host of reporting capabilities, including Exportable Reports, Permissions, User Actions, and Custom Reports.

Mobile – Buildertrend Vs. Procore

BuilderTREND: The web-based project management solution can be accessed anywhere anytime. It provides mobile access for remote teams. Additionally, it provides online portals for both contractors and customers. These portals enable customers and contractors to view, access, and even update real-time information. The app supports bid management for contractors seeking jobs under consideration by multiple contractors.

Procore: The product allows mobile access, so that remote teams can report project status, secure schedules, track work progress, and log expenses. This ensures that all concerned parties get real-time updates on the status of the project.

Pricing – Buildertrend Vs. Procore

BuilderTREND: It is a cloud-based program with monthly subscription fee. The starter plan comes for a monthly fee of $99 while the ProPlan is available for $149. It does not involve any upfront payments. However, users may need to pay additional fees for some integrations or features.

Procore: The cloud-based solution is available for a flat-rate subscription fee, which is paid annually. Everything, from implementation to training and integration, is included in the annual subscription fee. The system is available for an unlimited number of users.

Review – Buildertrend Vs. Procore

BuilderTREND: An easy to use and navigate construction software, BuilderTREND is exactly what you want as the best value for your money. It’s availability for monthly subscription makes it a good choice for small and medium-sized businesses that cannot afford to pay a lump sum annual subscription of Procore.

Procore: The construction management software connects apps, people, and devices through a unified platform, allowing construction firms to build and deliver quality projects safely while managing risk within budget. It is a quality collaboration tool that works seamlessly with third-party apps and provides detailed reporting capabilities.

This saves teams time and effort while keeping everyone on the same page in terms of project progress. Procore is designed to help construction firms improve project efficiency and accountability.

The application streamlines and mobilizes project communications and documentation, which further helps minimize costly risks and delays. Eventually firms stay updated with real-time data accessibility, which boosts productivity, efficiency, and profits.

All in all, your choice for a construction software solution depends on your business needs and budgetary constraints. If you are wondering which solution to buy, let ITQlick team come to your rescue. Let us help you decide whether BuilderTREND or Procore is a better choice for your business.

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