Carecloud Vs. Athenahealth

Carecloud Vs. Athenahealth – Small medical practices may have different needs compared to large hospitals. However, the need for a reliable, efficient practice management system cannot be ignored even for small medical facilities.

Your small practice needs a quality product that will help run your office smoothly, backed by a vendor promise to help you along the way in the event of a glitch, so you can continue to provide quality care for patients.

With a number of practice management tools around, it is a challenge to pick one that works. Let us compare Carecloud vs Athenahealth to see what works best for your medical practice.

Carecloud Vs. Athenahealth: Comparison

Installation and implementation

CareCloud is one of the leading providers of web-based electronic health record (EHR) solutions for ambulatory care practices. It is easy to install and implement to streamline revenue cycle management.

Athenahealth, on the other hand, offers a web-based revenue cycle solution for multi-physician hospitals. EHR and practice management are offered as part of RCM. However, most of its new business comes from small practices that are hesitant to make the switch to electronic records.

Athenahealth offers an intuitive user interface, with efficient cloud-based capabilities. As a result, it is easy to access from any browser and equally east to install.

CareCloud enjoys an award-winning, intuitive, and powerful practice management solution. Accurate documentation enables practices to collect more funds with CareCloud Central.

Features – Carecloud Vs. Athenahealth

Athenahealth comes complete with a full range of mobile health apps. Its mobile compatibility makes your practice more efficient. Compared to CareCloud, Athenahealth has a wide range of mobile technology that provides greater flexibility to manage medical practice even when you are away from office.

CareCloud users can access patient data stored in the system through the mobile app.

CareCloud offers an all-cloud system, which is more flexible than Athenahealth. Doctors have the capability to integrate CareCloud more easily with existing vendors.

Besides EHR, Athenahealth offers a practice management tool for medical teams to use the entire package, including billing, practice management, and collections. However, CareCloud allows doctors to be selective about components of its practice management tool.

As a result, large hospitals and smaller practices find it seamless to make a switch. This is where CareCloud gets an edge over its competition.

Athenahealth requires ejecting the functionality of your existing EHR. However, CareCloud does not need ripping the existing system out; rather, doctors can effortlessly move their records to cloud-based dashboards. The data remains stored in the cloud, where it is easy to access on digital devices.

Number of Users/Providers – Carecloud Vs. Athenahealth

Athenahealth serves more than 115,000 providers compared to CareCloud, which is fast growing as an emerging EHR company with 0.45% market share. It is focusing on expanding its share of the EHR market among larger physician practices. Contrarily, Athenahealth enjoys a greater market share (29.38%).

CareCloud has released CollectiveIQ, which is a billing service for medical practices to bill more accurately and quickly.

Ease of Integration – Carecloud Vs. Athenahealth

CareCloud is easy to integrate with ChartLogic EHR. It offers a full suite of integrated apps across administrative and financial needs, from billing to scheduling, claims, and collections.

Athenahealth offers integrations with third-party apps that enable users to exchange data within your practice.

Pricing – Carecloud Vs. Athenahealth

The pricing model for both solutions is quote based. Interested users can request CareCloud’s SMB and enterprise pricing details. Potential users can submit a demo request with AthenaHealth to assess the tool and request enterprise pricing information.

Vendor Support – Carecloud Vs. Athenahealth

CareCloud is supported by a dedicated tech support team and backed by expert account managers.

With Athenahealth, a medical practice can benefit from live after hours answering services. Such type of support provides greater convenience for patients and opportunity for healthcare facilities to keep patients satisfied.

With the web-based Athenahealth, patient data is just a click away, and practice staff as well as live answering services operators can seamlessly access updated patient information. Live answering services relieve staff from the phone burden, which requires handling an array of calls every day.

Most of the U.S. healthcare system does not have access to modern technology, which is a hindrance to patient care. With an avant-garde tool like Athenahealth or CareCloud, you can leverage the power of the web to foster innovation and streamline your practice and workflow.

Which One To Choose? CareCloud or Athenahealth?

When it comes to finding the best electronic health records solution for your practice, you might want to consider the functionalities of a tool and evaluate the same in terms of your workflow and practice needs.

The idea is to find a cloud-based tool that can help make your medical practice effective and efficient and provide greater flexibility to manage your practice.

If you aren’t sure as to which EHR to choose, let our team of experts guide you. At ITQlick, we can guide you in the right direction through our expertise, knowledge, and database.

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