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Top 5 Business Performance Management Software for Large Businesses

Business performance management (BPM) seeks to match strategic or business goals with the current progress of an organization. This includes all functions in a company that deal with financial, management, operations,manufacturing,...

5 Business Intelligence Software Alternatives to Qlikview

Data analysis is essential for big companies to understand in real-time how the processes work within their structure. That’s the reason why Business Intelligence Software has become the main tool to...
Microstrategy Vs. Tableau

Microstrategy Vs. Tableau – Best BI

Best BI: Microstrategy Vs. Tableau - Optimal analysis of reports is quintessential to the success of an organization. The influx of data in an organization means the greater need to handle...

Top 5 BI Software for SMBs

Business Intelligence (BI) solutions provide companies with the ability to analyze complex business data such as selling trends, buying patterns, service complaints, operational problems and many more related issues. This information can all be explored and...

Domo 2018 Top Alternatives

Domo 2018 Top Alternatives The open, self-service platform designed by Domo is a valuable investment for your business. The business intelligence software is the ultimate solution required by your organization to connect...

Dundas BI Vs. Sisense

Your data is scattered everywhere and growing every day. You need a solution to enable you to create insights from complex data. Finding the right business intelligence solution for your enterprise...
Tableau Pricing

Tableau Pricing (2018)

Tableau is a Business Intelligence (BI) solution. Discover Tableau cost of licenses, training, data migration, and Total Implementation Cost.
Domo Vs. Tableau

Domo Vs. Tableau (June 2018) – Compare Pricing and Reviews

In this article we cover a comparison between Domo Vs. Tableau. The business intelligence (BI) market is growing rapidly, with numerous vendors offering user-friendly agile BI solutions. If you’re looking for the...
SAS Top 5 Competitors

SAS Competitors – Top 5 (2018)

Top 5 SAS Competitors in 2018 - SAS is the leader in business intelligence (BI) and analytics. You can depend on SAS to solve complex problems and manage information assets effectively. The robust...